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Your Dungeon My DragonYour Dungeon My Dragon

YOUR DUNGEON MY DRAGON: Outside of the Box

Here’s episode four of Adam De La Peña’s Your Dungeon My Dragon!

Brought to you by the creator of Codemonkeys and Outlands, Your Dungeon My Dragon was previously aired on XBOX Live and is now on Geek & Sundry. Stay tuned for an exclusive, new episode this October!


Voices: Dana Snyder Jason Zumwalt Liz Loza Adam De La Peña Tommy Busby Ariz De La Peña Suzanne Kelly Andy Sipes Adam Carr

Written and Directed by: Adam de la Peña

Written by: Adam De La Peña

Producer: Will Marks

Executive Producers for Geek & Sundry: Felicia Day & Sheri Bryant

Producer for Geek & Sundry: Ryan Copple

Art Directors: Donovan Santiago Adam “IO” Diosdado

Animation Director: Larry Z. Ho

Lead Animator: Andrew Racho

Associate Producer: Ariz De La Peña Nathan Perkins

Consulting Producer: Jennifer Saxon Gore

Sound Mixer: Jim Faraci

Music: Tommy Busby

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Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: Art of the Heist

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