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You’ll Be Over the Moon With These Apollo 11 Anniversary Accessories

You’ll Be Over the Moon With These Apollo 11 Anniversary Accessories

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 1969. The incredible work and drive it took to reach the moon are almost unbelievable, and it’s absolutely something to celebrate! Get yourself a little something to mark the moon landing, and every time you look at your new NASA themed accessories you’ll remember that it’s never crazy to shoot for the stars.

Apollo 11 Lunch Box

The stacking metal containers in ThinkGeek’s Apollo 11 lunch box (pictured above) are a nod to the canisters that held the mission film reels. You can use them as a bento-style lunch box; the containers come with a locking lid that will securely hold your food in one place. The versatile canisters can also organize your work space, your bathroom, or your mini-NASA collection. You’re in (mission) control. ($24.99)


Astronaut Boot Slippers

You’ll feel like you’re bouncing on the moon when you slide on these space slippers! ThinkGeek also offers these soft astronaut boots that are more for lazing around than giant leaps. The fleece moon boots come with the classic NASA logo, and are offered in two different sizes. (Image: ThinkGeek, $49.99)


Space Capsule Tea Infuser

This brilliant tea infuser and its tiny astronaut is another ThinkGeek creation. Loose tea leaves go inside the stainless steel capsule, and then it’s placed in hot water to steep. The astronaut patiently waits outside your steeping tea until it’s time for the mission to end. While the infuser is currently out of stock on ThinkGeek, you can find it on Amazon from other sellers. (Image: ThinkGeek, $7.99)


One Giant Leap Baseball Tee

Star Cadet has a fantastic collection of NASA and Apollo 11 shirts, hoodies, cropped hoodies, patches, and socks for men and women. The “One Giant Leap” baseball tee celebrates the moon landing anniversary in style. (Image: Star Cadet, $29.99)


Lunar Landing Chart

This gorgeous 12″ by 36″ print is a restored and recolored chart of the lunar landing originally released by NASA. Etsy seller SylvestersCharts painstakingly restored the original 1967 print to commemorate the moon landing. Hang it on the wall and anyone who walks by will be stopped in their tracks by the landmark event it represents. (Image: Sylvesters Charts & Prints, $29.95)


NASA Stud Earrings

If you or someone you’re shopping for prefer to keep your nerdiness a little more subtle, these stud earrings showing the NASA logo are the perfect homage to space exploration. SpaceRebelStudio on Etsy makes these plastic earrings with stainless steel studs with both the classic “meatball” NASA logo and the more recent red letters logo. (Image: SpaceRebelStudio, $9.95)


Apollo 11 Enamel Pin

This striking enamel pin from Etsy seller Vectorpizza is one of several NASA commemorative pins and stickers they offer. Minimalistic but bold, these designs will stand out on your bag or denim jacket long after the 50th anniversary and beyond. (Image: Vectorpizza, $10.00)


Apollo 11 T-Shirt

This artistic design from Etsy store Frantic8Designs is immediately eye-catching. Inspired by the NASA Apollo 11 Spacecraft Training Manual, this T-shirt is available in three different colors. The store also offers several other designs inspired by NASA and other missions. (Image: Frantic8Designs, $21.95)

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Featured Photo: Kelly Knox (Apollo 11 Canister by ThinkGeek)

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