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Miss Universe Really Is Apparently A Giant Geek

Miss Universe Really Is Apparently A Giant Geek

You know that geeks are everywhere when even beauty pageant queens are unapologetic about their fandoms.

Take, for example, Pia Wurtzbach, the current reigning Miss Universe. You may have seen her through various memes and videos from when Steve Harvey incorrectly gave her crown to Miss Columbia.  Knowing what we know now, we’re thinking that maybe Miss USA used a phoenix down on the then-Miss Philippines after getting downed by Steve Harvey’s spell, runner up.


In a recent Reddit AMA, the reigning queen went on record to talk about how much she loves her Japanese RPGs.

2016-02-19 16_50_20-IamA Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach. AMA! _ IAmA

So she loves Final Fantasy VIII, Quistis and Shiva, as well as Kingdom Hearts. Too bad the talent portion of the Miss Universe competition didn’t include her showing off her skills in a boss fight against Ultimecia, because we would have totally tuned in to that.

Need further proof of how big a fan? Take the quick exchange on Twitter between Pia and Square Enix:

Fake geek girl? We think not. We’re with you, Pia.


Which celebrities were you surprised to find out were geeky? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Miss Universe Twitter (Fair Use), Square Enix (Fair Use)

Image Credit: Mothership.SG/Fox Studios (Fair Use), Reddit Miss Universe AMA (Fair Use)


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