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Yes, Please! Carrie Fisher is Going To Give Us Life Advice

Yes, Please! Carrie Fisher is Going To Give Us Life Advice

Ever since Carrie Fisher joined Twitter, she’s been doling out sage life advice and humor for the emoji-loving masses. Here are just a few epic examples:

Preach, General! But guess what? Carrie Fisher will now be bringing us more than 140 characters of wisdom and sass in a full-blown advice column for The Guardian. And even better, she wants you to send her questions. That’s right, you now have the opportunity to send questions and get Carrie’s advice on your problems. And if her tweets are any indication, she’s got plenty of life advice to give. We came up with the top 5 life problems we would like Carrie’s advice on. Check them out below and then let us know what you’re planning to ask Carrie.

Top 5 Questions We Want Carrie Fisher’s Advice On

How do you cope with all of the terrible things that happen in the world? It’s difficult not to get bogged down in the sadness.

Carrie’s been through a lot in her life and still says she’s “a kind of happy person.” It’s easy to let exterior forces dictate our feelings, but somehow Carrie has managed to overcome a life filled with challenges and difficulties. So please, help us out, Carrie!

What’s the best way to handle a bully? Ignore them? Fire back? Respond with hilarious tweets?

We all know celebrities tend to get A LOT of mean tweets and criticisms. But Carrie seems to take them in stride. Like this bully:

Or when people made all kinds of comments about how she looked in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I’m overwhelmed by technology and information we experience every day. Is there a way to stay balanced between being connected and trying to disconnect?

Carrie manages to maintain a really brilliant Twitter presence without over-doing it. Oh yeah, and she takes breaks when she needs to.

So Carrie, how do we maintain a balance with our dependence on technology? How do we know when it’s time to take a break? How much is too much?

My friend and I have started to grow apart. Should we try to remain friends or just decide to go our separate ways?

Carrie knows the value of friendship. She takes her best friend Gary with her everywhere after all:

And in her book Wishful Drinking, Carrie describes many friendships and relationships, including many that end tragically. And others that have ended but she still remembers fondly. So Carrie, use your vast life experience to help us navigate this world we live in with other people!

My parents don’t agree with my lifestyle. I’m a grown adult and don’t rely on them for support but they’re always vocalizing their disappointment in my decisions. How do I get them to recognize that it’s hurting our relationship and they need to stop?

In Wishful Drinking Carrie also discusses her complex relationship with her parents. And now that she has a daughter, she’s probably got even more insight into these parent/child issues.

As a parent and daughter, Carrie, help us tell our parents we’re all grown up, but still love their advice and guidance, much like we want yours.

What do you want to ask for Carrie Fisher’s advice on and why? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Star Wars / Facebook

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