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X-Wing Second Edition is the OTHER Star Wars Summer Blockbuster
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X-Wing Second Edition is the OTHER Star Wars Summer Blockbuster

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Since 2012, Fantasy Flight Games has produced a wide variety of excellent Star Wars games. The big leadoff hit was X-Wing, their miniatures game of starfighter combat. The game was easy enough for casual players to get into but offered expansion after expansion for advanced players looking to customize their performance. Fourteen waves over six years has put a lot of ships into battle ranging from Legends favorites to ships featured in the new movies. On May 1st, at the Fantasy Flight Games World Championship event, the company announced a new edition of the popular game, along with highlights of the changes of how it plays after six years.

The core experience of X-Wing stays the same: players move pre-painted ship miniatures around a mat angling for shots on each other in a deadly dogfight. The core game box remains mostly unchanged with the titular X-wing facing off against 2 TIE fighters.

The biggest change out of the box is the use of a free app that will help players build their squads that hit the table. The app will also track upgrades and other modifications that players use to customize their fleets. The app will allow game stores and tournament organizers to control what items can be used during a tournament and it will also allow the X-Wing developers to adjust card costs and make errata adjustments without having to reprint cards. Some rules adjustments have also already been highlighted, such as turret firing arcs and some ships getting more weapons to balance out weaknesses in the hopes they’ll see more play. The Force also comes into the new edition, as Jedi and Sith pilots can use their abilities to influence gameplay.


There will also be three factions out of the gate—Rebels, Imperials and Scum (now exclusively featuring the Firespray and Boba Fett—that each feel a little different in play). The First Order and Resistance will also become full-fledged factions in this edition as well.

Fans who are already invested in the game aren’t stuck holding the bag. The last two sets due out before the change, Saw’s Renegades and the TIE Reaper, will have materials for both versions in their boxes. Fantasy Flight Games will also sell conversion kits for each of the three main factions of Rebels, Imperial and Scum with all the components necessary to field the miniatures using the new rules. Each box will come with multiple copies of the materials for each ship, though larger fleets will likely require multiple boxes to be able to put everything on the table at once. Further reprints of miniatures will have the second edition branding and components, so now is the time to pick up any first edition ship that might disappear until their turn comes up in the new edition reprints.


The new edition is scheduled for release at Gen Con with a general release in Friendly Local Game Stores on September 13th. Here are the expected releases in the first wave.

  • X-Wing Second Edition Core Set
  • X-Wing Dice Pack and Accessories
  • Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit
  • T-65 X-Wing
  • BTL-A4 Y-Wing
  • Galactic Empire Conversion Kit
  • TIE Advanced x1
  • TIE/In Fighter
  • Scum & Villainy Conversion Kit
  • Slave I
  • Fang Fighter

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Image Credits: Fantasy Flight Games

Rob Wieland is an author, game designer and professional nerd. He writes about kaiju, Jedi, gangsters, elves and is a writer for the Star Trek Adventures RPG line. His blog is here, where he is currently reviewing classic Star Wars RPG adventures. His Twitter is here. His meat body can be found in scenic Milwaukee, WI.

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