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Space JanitorsSpace Janitors

Wormhole – Space Janitors Season 2 Ep. 4

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Darby Richards Brendan Halloran

Goatee Darby Brendan Halloran

Sideburns Darby Brendan Halloran

Lemmy Darby Brendan Halloran

Mike Chet Pat Thornton

Edith Kingpin Evany Rosen

Dennis 4862 Scott Yamamura

Emily Roarke Helen Johns

Brad Walford Kurt Smeaton

Marf Andy Hull

Producers: Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire

Executive Producers for Geek & Sundry: Felicia Day and Sheri Bryant

Directed by: Geoff Lapaire

Written by: Geoff Lapaire and Andy Hull

Story Editors: Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire

Production Designer: Brian Verhoog

Costume Designer: Joanna Syrokomla

Assistant Costume Designers: Hanne Whitfield and Billie Blast

Sound Mixers: Stephen Bourne and David Guerra

Boom Operator: Greg Moneta

Director of Photography: Mike Fly

First Assistant Director: Jake Howell

Second Assistant Director: Ben Davis

Production Assistant: Michael Cryderman

Gaffer: Jason Bourke

Key Grip: Dan Parkinson

Set Decorator: Joe Susin

Assistant Set Decorator: Andrew Kawcsynski

Script Supervisor: Nicole Dorsey

Hair and Makeup: Monik Walmsley

Hair and Makeup Assistant: Andrea Brown

Editor: Geoff Lapaire

Music: David Dedourek

Sound Design: Geoff Lapaire

Visual Effects: Davin Lengyel

3D Lead Designer: John Baynton

3D Artists: Mike Tu, Mike Penta

Logo Design: Davin Lengyel, Luisa Lee

Logo Animation and Wormhole Design: Davor Mihalji

2D Artist: Darren Bielecki

Prop Master: Ramon Buczynskyj

Continuity: Emma Malm

Transportation Coordinator: Danny Mendlow

Photography Consultant: Brett Blackwell

Production Accounting by


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Critical Role One-Shot: Trinket’s Honey Heist

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Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: Art of the Heist

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: The Eye of the Beer-Holder

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: The Eye of the Beer-Holder