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Work It: Best Geek Fashion of 2013

Work It: Best Geek Fashion of 2013

It wasn’t long ago when the only option to showcase your fandom through fashion was via a screen-printed t-shirt. But times they are a changin’– As geek culture continues to grow, so does geek fashion. The benefit? More than just t-shirts to add to our closets! Below are the best geek fashion offerings of 2013.


Sonic the Hedgehog is a classic known by gamers of all ages, and it was forever commemorated on a pair of leggings this year thanks to Insert Coin Clothing. The leggings, dubbed ‘Sonic Speed,’ features Sonic getting ready to run through Green Hill Zone. Though not pictured, the top portion of the leggings feature a row of the iconic Sonic gold rings.

Black Milk Clothing was well known for their galaxy print dresses and leggings, but their popularity truly exploded when they ventured into the world of geek. As Black Milk continued to branch out, Mass Effect became the first video game to be featured through the label. “My name is Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite dress on the Citadel.”

Chevron was on-trend in the fashion world during most of 2013. The Geektonian jumped on the trend with a perfectly geeky gamer twist: a Nintendo controller chevron patterned skirt.


Forever 21 threw their hat into the geek fashion arena in a big way. This past October, they announced their limited edition Bats & Cats collection. Inspired by Batman and Catwoman, the collection perfectly infused geek with fashion forward style, resulting in some of the best geek fashion around in 2013.

Romwe had a lot of geek fashion offerings this year, but these leggings stood out in a large crop of comic offerings. Featuring prominent DC Comics characters, these leggings are definite showstoppers, perfect to style an entire outfit around.

Could there be such a thing such as flirty, adorable, retro-inspired dress that also features a colorful Marvel’s Avengers print? Yep! This dress from Candied Starfish was one of the best geek fashion pieces to release this year and was spotted around many cons.

Other Geek Stuff

Adventure Time has been around since 2010, but fashion inspired by Adventure Time truly exploded this year. This adorable Jake “Happy Face” fit and flare tulle dress from We Love Fine is one of the best geek fashion offerings around.

Doctor Who geek fashion offerings were abundant this year, but none were as stunning as this Tardis corset from Castle Corsetry. The versatility the corset offers and the amazing craftsmanship make the corset it one of the best geek fashion pieces to add to your closet this year.

Studio Ghibli holds a special place in many hearts, so seeing Totoro on a pair of leggings was incredibly exciting. Etsy store Zelas designed the fabric, and each pair of leggings are handmade, making it a unique find in 2013.

Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ashoka in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, continued to release fashionable clothing based on some of our favorite fandoms via her clothing label Her Universe. It was hard to pick just one piece that was released under Her Universe this year, but this Star Wars Darth Vader A-line dress is hard to beat.

Black Milk Clothing gets yet another mention thanks to their Hogwarts collection, released in September. There were many amazing pieces in the collection inspired by the world of Harry Potter, but the best hands down has to be the striped leggings with coordinating house crests.

By Crystal Clark. Crystal is a geek fashionista and blogger at If she isn’t blogging, you can find her designing for the web or obsessively playing Skyrim. Follow her on Twitter @GeekPinata.

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