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Will E3 Leave Los Angeles? And the Biggest Games of the Show in our E3 Wrap Up!

Will E3 Leave Los Angeles? And the Biggest Games of the Show in our E3 Wrap Up!

E3 2017, and there were a lot of great games on display at this year’s event. But now, there are big questions about whether E3 will even stay in Los Angeles after the current deal expires. In our special E3 wrap up, we’ll look at the future of E3 and recap some of our most anticipated new titles from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo!

E3: Escape From LA?

E3 Logo

Ordinarily, the end of E3 would be a chance for the Electronic Entertainment Expo to take a victory lap. But instead, the organizers behind E3 are reportedly considering options to leave the Los Angeles Convention Center once the current deal expires in 2019. According to GameSpot, ESA CEO Mike Gallagher told reporters that his organization wants LA to upgrade and modernize the convention center. More specifically, the ESA wants more floor space and an easier way to travel between the West and South halls, which are currently connected by a very long corridor.

What’s interesting here is that Los Angeles has been attempting to lure Comic-Con from San Diego for years, and any improvements would probably be used to once again make that pitch. But first, the upgrades actually need to happen and that is far from certain. If the LA convention center can’t handle E3’s reported crowd of 68,400, then it definitely won’t be able to take on the 120,000 plus attendees of Comic-Con. There’s also no word yet on whether the general public will be able to buy tickets for next year’s E3.

That’s enough business talk. Let’s get to the games!



Is the Xbox One X the most powerful console ever created? That’s the impression that Microsoft gave us at E3, and its specs are impressive. But we’re far more excited about the upcoming titles for both Xbox One and Xbox One X. That includes Metro: Exodus, the new sequel that takes us back to post-apocalyptic Russia.

For racing fans, Forza Motorsport 7 looks very impressive.

Rare’s long-awaited pirate game, Sea of Thieves also has eager to hit the high seas.

The first look at Crackdown 3 looks absolutely insane. And we love it.


Spider-Man Playstation 4

Of course, Sony’s not going to take that challenge lying down. The Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro responded by unleashing one of the most impressive lineup of new games at the show, including an extended look at Spider-Man,

God of War 4′s epic trailer has our collective hearts pounding.

Detroit: Become Human looks like another compelling mixture of cinematic story and gameplay as John Boyega’s android leads a revolution against their human masters.

And the remake of Shadow of the Colossus took our breath away.


Super Mario Odyssey E3 Trailer

After three decades, Nintendo still managed to steal the show with its new look at the latest Mario game. Super Mario Odyssey not only has the best graphics in the series, it also adds the very intriguing option to let Mario possess anything from Dinosaurs to Bullet Bills! Even fellow humans can be hijacked by Mario’s magic hat, and we can’t wait to see where this goes.

Mario wasn’t content with just one game at the show. Feast your eyes on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, one of the most insane looking games we’ve seen in a while!

The first look at the DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was also an easy pick for the best of Nintendo’s new offerings.

We’re pumped that Nintendo is finally making Metroid Prime 4, but we’re gonna have to wait a while before we get our hands on that. In the meantime, here’s the Metroid: Return of Samus remake for the 3DS, that fully re-imagines the classic GameBoy title into a jaw-dropping experience.

Which games captured your imagination at E3? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image Credits: Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo

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