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Widow’s Walk Brings the Betrayal Back to the House

Betrayal at House on the Hill is about as classic as it gets in the board gaming world. This 2004 design features players creeping through a haunted mansion and exploring the unknown. When the haunt hits and things go sideways; someone turns traitor with a hulking monster to hunt you down or turns the house into a living being that you have to fight from the inside. It’s all about the experience and it’s hugely entertaining. That’s why we’re so excited about the brand spanking new expansion Widow’s Walk that just hit stores.

In many ways, this is the perfect Halloween game and Widow’s Walk only furthers the cause. It includes new rooms, omens, and events. Oh, and a gajillion (50) new scenarios designed by a cast of all-stars. Seriously, check out this list of contributors to these new haunts: Mike Selinker, Anita Sarkeesian, Rob Daviau, Jonathan Gilmour, Max Temkin, Zoe Quinn and about 30 others. It’s pretty insane.

While those haunts are the big deal, several improvements included promise to enhance the experience. There are new tokens to help track information and some exciting new tile mechanics to add a little adventure before the haunt. The dumbwaiters, for instance, allow you to move between different sections of the house improve mobility. There’s also an entirely new floor as players can venture onto the roof of the mansion. On your way up there, make sure to stop by the bathroom too. It’s a relief to finally be able to, well, relieve yourself in a porcelain bowl instead of in your trousers when the ghosts show up. If things really go pear-shaped then make sure to take shelter in the new state of the art panic room. Unfortunately, Jodie Foster won’t be there to hold your hand.


New haunts feature huge variety and will keep you constantly on your toes. We have encounters with aliens, a thrilling Inception-like jaunt, and plenty of demonic shenanigans. Tone varies and you get a sense of creativity and feel linked to the individual designers that helped craft each scenario. The end result is a melting pot of interesting content that is sure to appeal to a wide range of players and bring the fun.

On Game the Game, the team takes on one of the new haunts, Walk Among the Stars by Richard Malena and Aviva Schecterson. Aliens are real and they’re coming to destroy the Earth. You might have a way to stop them, but someone on your team decided to switch sides to become their new Ambassador. Your only help comes from calling the Strategic Space Command, but as it turns out, there isn’t an app for that. You’ll need to build a communicator while gathering evidence against the coming invasion. The Ambassador is looking to do much the same, but to walk into the open arms of the alien invasion.

The scenario plays differently each time depending on the heroes you bring with you, the day you play, and even the weather can affect how difficult or how the team tackles the traitor. Find the pieces, assemble the communication array, and grab the evidence if you want to survive. But don’t sweat the small stuff if you happen to be the odd man/ambassador at the table. You have one evil trick up your sleeve. Check out the video above it you want to check out the twist.

For the amount of expansive content this release provides, the $25 MSRP is a steal. Widow’s Walk just hit wide release and Betrayal fans should zombie-shuffle down to your local store and grab this immediately. Although, make that a 28 Days Later sprint, not a Night of the Living Dead limp.


Have you played Betrayal at House on the Hill? Are you looking forward to Widow’s Walk? Let us know in the comments!


All images courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

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