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Why You Should Play: Zombicide Black Plague

When you’re playing a game where it’s you against the undead, there’s only one thing you really want – lots of zombies. Not just a handful, but a horde of the plastic beasts pushing their way through the box and munching on meeples during the night. You want to feel like there’s a massive march of the undead just waiting to break out after each and every body to put back into the ground. Let me introduce you to Zombicide: Black Plague, a game that throws a sword in your hand and a small army of the undead in front of you.

The Zombicide series by Cool Mini or Not and Guillotine Games has quickly become a staple game for anyone looking to face off against the undead with friends. This newest iteration takes players out of modern age and into the dark ones with Zombicide: Black Plague. The original plague might have killed off a third of Europe, but tonight, it’s coming after you.

If you ever played the original Zombicide, then most of this is probably familiar to you. If not, you’ll catch on. Just know that after each character takes their turn, zombies come streaming in through these various spawn points. Wash. Rinse. And try to survive on the repeats.

For each of the missions, you’ll need to crack open the manual, find one you like, and set up the pieces as needed. You’ll often have the set up doors to bash in later, objectives to pick up later, and pull all the assorted cards and pieces that you will need in the game like your zombie deck and your equipment deck. Set up a goal and try to make it there alive.

While most zombies like normal zombies or runners can be taken out in a single hit, you have other zombies like the fatty or abomination will require stronger stuff to take them out as they appear at these points.

This time around, there are Necromancers who throw down their own spawn points when they enter the game before they start running for the hills. If you let too many of these spawn points popping up, you’ll lose the game or simple become zombie chow in the process.

Players get to roam through the dirty medieval streets attacking zombies or kicking down doors and watching as the zombies flood the rooms. But you’ll be getting experience as you sever each head with your sword or bow or spell and that gives you more abilities. And you will be searching through buildings for more items such as armor which can take a couple of hits because you can only take three before your demise.

As much as you want to kill off every zombie, this is a game about strategy and tactics. Every time you push your experience up, the games gets a little meaner with the zombies scaling to the highest level character. But you can be smart by using sound tokens to move the horde in a different direction or towards a stronger ally.

There have been updates to the system to allow for your teammates to shoot into a crowd full of zombies and miss you – if you’re lucky. Also the dashboards are amazing. They keep track of everything you need to know and have on hand.

Zombicide: Black Plague isn’t going to completely change the original game, but the new iteration gives you enough variety to make it seem like an upgrade. This giant box budging at the seams with new weapons, necromancers, and heaping horde of zombies provides enough really amazing tools at your disposal to create a great night of slaying.

What is your weapon of choice when it comes to taking out the dead? Let us know in the comment section below.

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