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Why Is This Even a Game? TV Show Edition

Why Is This Even a Game? TV Show Edition

We all love to watch our favorite TV shows, but what about taking it one step further and playing games based on those shows? A lot of TV-based games focus mainly on trivia associated with the show, but some really try to take the idea to the extreme, creating unnecessary board and video games that don’t really make sense, just for the sake of capitalizing on the popular TV show. So, check out these insane TV show-based games below and try to figure out why they made the game at all.

Full House Board Game

full house game

Image Credit: Tiger Games / Amazon

In case you weren’t aware, our favorite family of the 90s also starred in a strange board game aptly called Full House. Much like how the family seems to drive around together in the opening credits, the board game centers on “driving” around the board to pick up each family member around town and then delivering them home. You can get extra turns by telling a cheesy joke from Joey, which we never even wanted on the TV show. So instead of playing this game where you run errands around town, just actually drive around town running errands. You’ll thank yourself.

Do The Urkel! Board Game

do the urkel

Image Credit: Milton Bradley / Amazon

Similar to Full House, Family Matters was a classic family sitcom of the 1990s. So of course, there’s a game for it! In Do The Urkel!, players travel around the board collecting pieces of bowties to make four complete bowties. But that’s not all. Some pieces of bowties have actions on the back that you have to complete, like “Laugh and Snort,” “Sing the Urkel Song,” or “Imitate Urkel.” Basically, this game is designed to make you look like a fool. There’s also an Urkel finger puppet and fake Urkel glasses. What is the point of this again?

24: The Game

Fan of the hit show 24? Before they tried to reboot it on FOX, they decided to make it into a video game. That’s right, you can get your Jack Bauer on playing this video game version of the show on Playstation 2. The third-person shooter game allows players to control various characters from the show as they complete missions. The characters in the game look and speak like the ones on the show, so if you’re a fan, you might enjoy this game. But you also might just prefer watching the show again instead.

Law & Order Detective Game


Image Credit: Heather Mason

If you weren’t aware, Law & Order went off the air in 2010 after completing its 20th season. But don’t worry, there’s a board game to fill the void. Much like Clue, the Law & Order Detective Game includes notebooks and a suspect as the players try to solve the case using clue cards. Although this might seem like a fun detective game, why not stick to a classic and just play Clue? There’s no reason to play this less awesome Law & Order version of Clue when you can just pick up the real deal.

The A-Team: B. A. Lends a Hand in the Race for the Formula Board Game


Image Credit: Parker Brothers / Amazon

Don’t you just love The A-Team? That lovable group of misfits that is always there to help when you need it. So who wouldn’t want to play a board game based on the show where you get to be The A-Team for a couple hours. Oh wait, in this board game, you actually don’t get to play as B.A.–which is who we all want to be, right? Instead, you play as other members of The A-Team, rushing around the spiral game board until someone reaches the center and gets the secret formula. Then you rush back while the other players try to stop you. This game literally takes you back to where you started. Maybe The A-Team will be on Netflix soon instead?

What’s your favorite TV-based board game? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Tiger Games / Amazon

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