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Who’s that Girl in the Logan Trailer?

Who’s that Girl in the Logan Trailer?

“She’s like you, Logan. Very much like you.”

If you aren’t a Marvel devotee, you might’ve heard those lines in the new Logan trailer and assumed a weakened Professor X meant the mysterious girl in the jacket was a kindred spirit for the man called Wolverine. Or perhaps our titular mutant berserker has found the daughter he never knew? Well, if you are a comics devotee, you’ll know that the answer is most likely both, and that Xavier’s words are even more literal than they seem.

First, though… here’s the chilling preview for anybody who hasn’t seen it yet.

Hugh Jackman’s purported final outing as Wolverine looks to be cherry picking concepts from a number of storylines. Is it based mostly on the “Old Man Logan” mini-series? Well, yes and no. Right now, we are seeing a very, very loose translation of the basic premise of an aged Wolverine trying to live in quiet seclusion on the frontier of a post-Apocalyptic world where most superheroes have apparently vanished.

The plot of “Old Man Logan” is largely dependent on the notion of a fully-connected Marvel universe where the X-Men co-exist with the Avengers and Spider-Man. Each of those brands is still controlled by a different movie studio, of course, so a strict adaptation was never likely. Many details are also a touch too fanciful to fit the somber, grounded tone director James Mangold is striving for here. As in, the action starts with Logan and his family being harassed by his landlords (the inbred, redneck children of the Hulk and She-Hulk), continues with him and a blind Hawkeye hopping in Spider-Man’s jeep-like “Spider-Mobile” for a cross-country road trip, and climaxes with him confronting the president of America (who happens to be the Red Skull).

And then there’s a major character who isn’t involved in “Old Man Logan,” at all… X-23.


She is both Wolverine’s figurative and literal daughter. He didn’t conceive her naturally, as most daddies do, but she does have a biological mother. The girl is the product of a scientific experiment to clone Logan from imperfect genetic samples. Since the Y chromosome in the available DNA is damaged, the scientists in the project duplicate the X chromosomes, and after 22 failed attempts, they opt to insert the cloned embryo they’ve created into one of their own staffers’ womb. Thus, Dr. Sarah Kinney gives birth to Laura Kinney, and Wolverine has a daughter.

As with most comics-to-film adaptations, this will all be greatly simplified, most likely. X-Men Apocalypse‘s post-credits scene strongly suggests that at least one more degree of complication will be added, and that Nathan “Mr. Sinister” Essex will be the mastermind behind X-23’s creation. For those keeping track, his genetic tinkering has also given Cyclops and Jean Grey an “unofficial” child in Deadpool’s best pal, Cable.

One other noteworthy detail about X-23 is that she has, at times, taken on Wolverine’s codename and costume. So, given how this flick is intended to be Jackman’s last run at playing his signature character, it may indeed end with him passing the proverbial torch a successor. The twist may be that Jackman won’t get re-cast so much as that Wolverine’s role in future X-movies will be filled by X-23. Got that straight?

Does all this complicated lore make as much sense to you as it does to us? Are you x-cited about X-23’s (likely) Hollywood debut? Drop your thoughts in the talkback.

Image Credits: Marvel

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