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Who Will Take Over For Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who?

Who Will Take Over For Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who?

It’s been rumored for a while, but it’s finally official: Peter Capaldi will be handing over the keys to the TARDIS at the completion of the tenth season of Doctor Who. So while it’s always sad to say goodbye to a Doctor, it’s time to start dreaming about who could possibly take over as the world’s favorite Time Lord at the end of this coming season (that is set to start in April, if you were curious.) Every Doctor leaves some pretty big shoes to fill, but we’ve got a few ideas of people who could fill the role quite perfectly.

Eddie Redmayne


Redmayne has already shown his chops for stepping into a popular, pre-existing fandom when he played Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. He’s also reportedly said he’d love to play the infamous Gallifreyan, which gives him a bit of an added bonus in our book. Redmayne would certainly be a younger Doctor, but if fans found themselves shocked at the Twelfth Doctor’s rough edges, Redmayne would likely play a sweeter, friendlier Doctor similar to what we saw in the Matt Smith era. But the best part? He’s ginger. The Doctor would be thrilled.

Rupert Grint

rupert grint

While we’re on the topic of famous gingers from the Harry Potter-verse, we’d be crazy to not mention Rupert Grint. Ron Weasley fans have been campaigning for Grint to take over the TARDIS for some time now. He’d easily be able to pull off that fine line between being a likable Doctor while also frightening aliens looking to attack our planet. Plus, after all the work he’s done alongside of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in the Potter-verse, he’s used to working with a companion.

Hugh Laurie


We know from Laurie’s run as another famous doctor, Doctor House, that he can play the irreverent genius with ease, but fans of A Bit of Fry and Laurie know he’s also able to channel the Doctor’s fun and occasionally silly nature as well. The Doctor’s personality shifts slightly between regenerations, and while his shift from Eleven to Twelve was an abrupt one, a regeneration from Capaldi to Laurie might be a bit less jarring for fans.

Olivia Colman


There’s been a lot of talk about making the Thirteenth Doctor a woman, and we think Olivia Colman would be great for the job. She’s already been on Doctor Who once in Matt Smith’s first episode as “Patient Zero” (but really, most of the Who stars have been on the show as a previous character), so she’s got the lay of the land. And with her resume containing shows like Broadchurch and Hot Fuzz, she’s proven that she can go from comedy to drama quite effortlessly, which is imperative for a new Doctor.

Damian Molony


Molony has an impressive resume as well, but he’s got one unique aspect to his previous jobs: he’s already well experienced in taking over for a popular actor. In the BBC hit Being Human, Molony took over as resident vampire, Hal, after the death of Aidan Turner’s Mitchell was killed. He was able to bring in that familiar vampiric angst while also making his role as “the Being Human vampire” entirely his own. He’d be more than capable of doing that again as the new Doctor.

Aidan Turner

aidan turner

Okay, since we’re talking Being Human, I’m just gonna toss out Turner’s name as a possibility of being Doctor as well. Turner’s resume is a wide one, and he since he’s already played a wide range of creatures from vampire, dwarf, to human, why not add Gallifreyan to the list?

Naomie Harris

naomi harris

Harris has played a post-apocalyptic badass on 28 Days Later, she’s played Moneypenny in the new Bond flicks, and she’s even played a part-time sorceress/secret sea goddess in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. She can transform into any role you throw at her, and I think that versatility is perfect for a new regeneration of the Doctor.

Richard Ayoade

richard aoyade

Most of us know Ayoade from his role as Moss in The IT Crowd, but can you just imagine him at the helm of the TARDIS? Ayoade is hilarious, he’s thoughtful, and if his line from  IT Crowd where he said, “I’ve come here to drink milk and kick ass, and I’ve just finished my milk,” doesn’t send shivers down your spine I don’t know what will.  Ayoade is hilarious and likable, and I think he could perfectly handle the responsibility of watching over our planet.

Gillian Anderson

gillian anderson

Can you think of anyone better to take over handling the universe than Scully herself? The Doctor has always had a bit of a reputation of being sort of a hot mess (brilliant, but a hot mess), and Anderson would definitely bring some order to the role. And while she’s proven she can handle the unknown and unexplainable on The X-Files, she’s also shown on The Fall that she is someone who wants to stop bad guys.

Riz Ahmed

riz ahmed

Ahmed has been a respected actor and rapper for a while now, but he came into this mainstream when he stole the show on Rogue One. Ahmed is a great actor who you can’t help but like any time you see him onscreen. Still, as we saw in his portrayal of Bodhi Rook, he’s able to play both hero and lovable goof quite effortlessly.

Dominic Monaghan


Monaghan’s Twitter followers know he has been doing a bit of campaigning for the role of Doctor. He’s got quite the loyal fan following from his roles in Lord of the Rings and LOST, which is always a great thing to bring into the already voracious Whovian fandom. Monaghan is a great actor, but it’s obvious that he’s also a genuine fan. Really, there is nothing better than seeing a genuine Doctor Who fan get selected to play the Doctor.

Who would you like to see as the next Doctor? Let us know in the comments!

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