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Who Will Survive? Recap of the Final Episode of Sagas of Sundry: Dread?
Sagas of SundrySagas of Sundry

Who Will Survive? Recap of the Final Episode of Sagas of Sundry: Dread?

Will anybody make it out of the nightmare slaughterhouse that is Sagas of Sundry: Dread?

The final episode finds our heroes at a gazebo in a garden, surrounded by growling undead.

“The last ritual we have to do is on top of a mountain I can see in my head,” says Darby. The ritual should cleanse the land of evil.

Raina“Where is it?” said Raina.

Darby isn’t sure, but the flat top of a nearby mesa seems a likely location. However, our survivors still have to get out through the garden of undead.

Kayden says, “I got a dumb plan.” He is going to throw a rock at the house to distract the zombies. He does so, the rock slamming into a window with a great smash. The assembled undead shriek and gibber towards the racket with abandon, giving our survivors time to get out of the garden.

They race into the woods, losing themselves among pines, the place dark and silent as death. They will go to the mountain, perform the ritual, and cleanse the land. Looking back on it all, Raina is happy that Darby is alive, but terribly guilty that she let Tanner die. Darby can’t believe that she was right the whole time, and that all her research over the past year has been paying off. Kayden can’t believe any of them has survived this long, and he intends to protect his friends to the bloody end. Sat’s only thoughts are her regrets about Tanner’s untimely, bloody, and horrible death.

Out of the black, Simon runs, twirling a chainsaw and screaming like something out of a nightmare. He cuts through a nearby tree, and our survivors flee for their lives.

Except for Kayden.Kayden

Kayden has had enough of running. He slips a round of brass knuckles onto his hand, and runs at Simon. Kayden connects, and punches Simon in the face with brass knuckles.

“I’m going to hit him until he’s fucking paste!” shouts Kayden. Kayden clutches Simon’s head in his hand, smashing into his face over and over and over again. Kayden stands and stomps Simon’s head until it is a mass of broken bone and scattered brains.

He opens his rib cage, and grips Simon’s still beating heart. He rips it out and throws it against the side of a tree. Finally, Kayden says, “Sorry. I’m gonna throw up.”

Sat takes the chainsaw, which is still purring like a kitten where Simon dropped it. Raina takes a picture of Kayden and Sat.

They arrive at the top of the mesa, and look over the expanse of Black Mountain. The day is fading. Night is coming. City lights pop on in the distance. The survivors are amazed at just how close civilization looks, despite the horrors they’ve witnessed.

They find on top of the mesa a medicine wheel. They inscribe mystic symbols on the medicine wheel, attempting to carve runes of the past and future on the sacred field of the wheel. But it’s not right. Darby can feel it in her bones.

They try again, moving signs and-

Darby feels a presence telling her that it is wrong, worse than it was before.

Kayden grabs a knife and a bowl, and prepares to fill it with his own blood, when a voice says to Darby that he’s being stupid.

Finally, they try drawing the occult symbols with their own fingers and-

It seems to work. An inky black darkness folds and lifts and condenses like a fog around them. A voice shouts in Darby’s head, “No! No! Not now! I still have time!”

A form emerges from the earth, and stares at Darby from an eyeless face. It walks towards Darby, marching with all the deliberation of a hangman approaching the gibbet.


Another shape is there! A tall mannish figure with horns appears and tackles the eyeless black shape. They wrestle, but the goat man is clearly losing. Our survivors must discover the secret to the ritual before the goat man is destroyed, and the dark black shape comes for them.

The survivors learn they need to bleed into the bowl. They all do so. But it’s not enough. They need someone else’s blood. They throw Tanner’s camera film into the bowl.

Nothing happens.

They try putting in some of Simon’s blood.

Nothing happens.

In frustration, Darby rushes to the goat man. She dips her hand into one of his wounds, and rushes over to the bowl of blood. When the sprinkles of the goat man’s blood dribbles into the bowl, a great wind rushes up and over our survivors. The black faceless form is scattered like dust in the storm. The mesa, the valley, and the surrounding mountains are purified of the taint. The world is whole once again.

You can rewatch all of Sagas of Sundry: Dread on Alpha, and many other equally fantastic shows!

What was your favorite part of Sagas of Sundry: Dread? Tell us below!

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