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Whispers of the Old Gods Expansion Coming to Hearthstone

Blizzard has announced “Whispers of the Old Gods,” Hearthstone‘s third expansion pack. The 134 card set is based on the old gods of Azeroth who whisper thoughts telepathically to the mortals. Of course, they wouldn’t be old gods without a little bit of dark madness inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s works. In this expansion, four old gods have awoken from their slumber beneath Azeroth and they are far from benevolent. So if you want your deck to be a little more evil, then this expansion might be right up your alley. Check out the video above for a taste of the lurking darkness to come.


The deck will contain four legendary cards based on C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, N’Zoth and Y’Shaar. The first of these cards revealed so far is C’Thun. This old god is the creator of the qiraji and the final encounter in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj for World of Warcraft. He is known as “the beast with a thousand maws” and his secretions can drive a mortal to murderous insanity. The C’Thun card will cost 10 mana with a 6/6 attack and health base, but what makes it unique is that there are 16 other complimentary cards which can buff C’Thun before he even reaches the player’s hand. When he is put into play, he automatically deals random damage to all enemies equal to his total attack power. So if you’ve buffed C’Thun up well enough, you could have a very explosive attack by your tenth turn.

Another big game-changer that’s exciting fans is the Eater of Secrets card. Secrets are cards that have hidden abilities that are triggered under certain conditions. The opponent can’t see what your secret is, hence the name. The Eater of Secrets is a 2/4 card that destroys all active secrets, gaining +1/+1 for each secret eaten. The “Secret Paladin” stacked deck is a favorite strategy among players, but with the Eater of Secrets, they might want to think again.

WOG cards

The expansion will also offer corrupted versions of current cards such as the Polluted Hoarder, which still has the Deathrattle: Draw a Card power as the regular Loot Hoarder, but also better stats. The Corrupted Healbot restores 8 health to your opponent, as opposed to the normal Ancient Healbot that restores 8 health to the player. There is also the Validated Doomsayer, who has been crying the end of days for some time, and is now indeed validated. Doomsayer is a 0/7 card that destroys all minions at the start of your turn. The newly Validated Doomsayer starts as 0/7 when laid out, but turns into 7/7 at the start of the next turn.

These are just some of the cards coming to Hearthstone this spring. Blizzard plans to show off many more before the expansion’s release in late April/early May. You can pre-order a pack of 50 cards now for $49.99 and receive an exclusive animated card back as a free bonus. To keep up with all the card reveals at they come, keep you eye on

Unless you’re C’Thun, in which case, keep all your eyes on it.

What are you excited to see in the next deck expansion? Let us know in the comment section below.

Image credits: Blizzard

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