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Our Picks For The Potterverse Board Game You Should Play Based On Your House

Our Picks For The Potterverse Board Game You Should Play Based On Your House

As we excitedly wait for the latest installment of Newt Scamander’s adventures with Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald, passing the time with tabletop games seems a perfect fit. Speaking of the perfect fit, there’s a number of licensed games out there for any Potterhead to enjoy. Here are our recommendations based on your Hogwarts House:

Hufflepuff – Fantastic Beasts Perilous Pursuit

With its Hufflepuff protagonist, cooperation that is integral to gameplay, and the fact that this game isn’t about vanquishing, but recapturing creatures both to save them from the Muggle (or No-Maj) world and while equally saving that world from them, this is a game where Hufflepuff virtues shine. In this dice drafting game, players take on the roles of the heroes of Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them, each with different strengths that support the group’s dynamics. You’ll roll and draft dice to your boards, as well as your teammates’ boards, triggering their abilities, after which you’ll roll for the beasts who will attack your team, escape or otherwise frustrate your ability to capture them.

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As I said in my overview of the game, “Every creature is delightfully translated – the Erumpent can do significant damage to the team, unsurprisingly, Niffler remains a brat as likely to escape as he is to attack, and Bowtruckle can talk his way out of being captured, by invoking his special ability and unsetting the capture action of players.” You win as a team, you lose as a team, and if anyone gets taken out, the game is lost.  Capturing beasts is no small task, but with a little luck and a lot of teamwork, you’ll end up victorious.

You can check out the game and see it played on our episodes of How to Play and Game the Game:

Gryffindor – Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

In Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, you and your friends relive the epic journey of the Harry Potter movies and will play as one of the four remarkable Gryffindors of the series: the boy who lived, Harry Potter; the overachiever, Hermione Granger; the legacy Gryffindor, Ron Weasley; and the other chosen one, Neville Longbottom. In this cooperative deckbuilder, you’ll face Dementors, Deatheaters, and even He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Defeat the Dark Lord, or perish trying.


Capturing the epic scale and adventure of the movies, it’s exactly the kind of fare a Gryffindor would appreciate. Even when the odds seem stacked against you and you and your friends get knocked down, you still get up to fight the good fight. Despite the recklessness of a group of kids taking on Voldermort, it’s the kind of heedless bravery that totally fits the house.  It has since had an expansion released, which adds in a new playable character (honorary Gryffindor Luna Lovegood) and a pile of creatures you also have to subdue in your quest to protect the world from the wizard formerly known as Tom Riddle.

You can learn how to play Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle with Ivan Van Norman in this video.

Ravenclaw – CODENAMES: Harry Potter


Award-winning game designer Vlaada Chvatil’s Codenames is one of those games where a Ravenclaw can really show off how clever they are. This version leverages the mechanics from Codenames Duet, uses both pictures and words, and thus allows fans to draw from both their knowledge of the books and the movies. Using only one-word clues to help communicate to their team who The Order of the Phoenix’s secret agents are, the riddle-solving skills of Ravenclaws become center stage in this newly-released game.

Slytherin –TRIVIAL PURSUIT: World of Harry Potter Ultimate Edition


Proving oneself as the undisputed, greatest Harry Potter fan is something any self-respecting Slytherin would jump for the chance at. Thankfully, USAopoly has released an Ultimate Edition of Trivial Pursuit specific for Potterheads so Slytherins can show us all how it’s done. With over 1800 questions, players must answer correctly to collect the needed pie pieces and unambiguously demonstrate which of Hogwarts’ Houses actually deserved the House Cup (without Dumbledore fudging the math at the very end).

You can learn about all the awesome Harry Potter-universe licensed board games on USAopoly’s page!

This post is sponsored by USAopoly.

Image Credits: Warner Bros., USAopoly

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