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When You Wish Upon A Star You Get These Disney Princess D&D Character Sheets

When You Wish Upon A Star You Get These Disney Princess D&D Character Sheets

It’s a whole new DnD world with these Disney Princess character sheets! Now you can enjoy playing 5e with some of your favorite Disney princesses. You wanted much more than a provincial life and now you’ve got it! So get brave and check these out.

Ariel – The Little Mermaid

Oh Ariel, life under the sea is so much better than anything they’ve got up there (except Blink Dogs. I like Blink Dogs)! With a love of all things land and an enchanting voice, our mermaid princess Ariel would be a chaotic good bard. We’ve chosen to make her a half-elf to exemplify her “not actually human” status (as well as give that charisma a nice stat boost). To really get into character, make sure you start hoarding gadgets and gizmos aplenty and brush your hair with a salad fork. If you really want to customize this character, work with your DM to incorporate the Thaliessan Blood feat from 4e. This feat allows a half-elf to be considered an aquatic creature, gain a swim speed of 5, breathe underwater, and gain a +2 to aquatic combat attack rolls against non-aquatic creatures. Perfect for Ariel!


Mulan – Mulan

Be a man! Mulan is totally the girl worth fighting for (or fighting as)! Mulan is a fighter with the charlatan background. The charlatan background has a feat that gives them a secret identity complete with official looking papers and established connections, so anyone playing Mulan can take on her Ping persona at any time! Consider multiclassing Mulan at a later level to allow her some spells. She doesn’t really use spells or magic, but spellwork could represent her work with fireworks and rockets. Personally, I’d lean towards multiclassing Mulan with a cleric at later levels. Her deity could be her ancestors and, if your DM is willing, they could communicate with Mulan through a guardian… a red, dragon-y, hilarious guardian.


Pocahontas – Pocahontas

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? You can if you play as Pocahontas! Our favorite Powhatan taught us to treat the heron and the otter as our friends, to find out how high a sycamore grows, and to protect what we love. The druid class lends itself perfectly to Pocahontas’ nature. Consider multiclassing at later levels as a ranger to add a companion animal, or work with your DM to allow Flit and Meeko to accompany you on your journeys. Also, speak to your DM about allowing you a “spinning arrow” as your focus. If they don’t believe you need it, make them hold the spinning arrow while you sing “Listen With Your Heart” at them until they give in.


*Athletics should say (+1) rather than (+3) for the modifier.

Belle – Beauty and the Beast

Bonjour! It’s a tale as old as time, but no one can question that Belle would be a sage. More concerned with her books than other pursuits, Belle has a high intelligence. Due to her love of stories, Belle actually takes on the characteristics of a bard from the College of Lore. This allows her to gain additional proficiencies (as those in this college are obsessed with learning whatever they can). Belle’s focus is the magic mirror given to her by Prince Adam whilst in beastly form. Work with your DM to customize this as a truly magic item. I suggest making it enchanted to see one other person to whom it’s attached, as Belle was able to use it to see Adam and show the villagers. Though, maybe don’t show the creature you love off to a mob of angry villagers in an effort to save your father. That doesn’t usually end well…


Merida – Brave

You will run! You will fly! Well, probably not fly. At least, no flying until you get to the upper levels. Merida, the princess who follows her heart instead of her duty (she isn’t the only one… what are you trying to say, Disney?), would clearly begin her D&D career as a ranger. She’s known for being skilled in the longbow, spear, and short sword, so these are the weapons she takes with her. As a ranger, Merida is allowed a companion animal. Though most bears are not typically allowed as they exceed the challenge rating, talk with your DM about allowing for one to represent her bear of a mother or perhaps, if your DM is really nice, they’ll let you have three bear cubs for her brothers. However, should your begging and pleading fail to sway the DM’s heart, Merida does have a pretty awesome Clydesdale horse.



And thus concludes our Disney Princess character sheets! What do you think? Did we introduce you to a whole new world or were you hoping for something with a little more bippity boppity boo? Let us know in the comments!


All Images Credited To: Disney

Character Sheets Created By: Ailea Merriam-Pigg

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