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What You Need to Know About DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Before It Airs

What You Need to Know About DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Before It Airs

In case you’ve been living on another planet for the last couple of years, you’re probably well-aware of the epicness of DC’s current TV lineup. After the success of Arrow on The CW, The Flash was launched, leading to an explosion of characters and possibilities for the DC TV world as a whole. So when I heard about a new show centered on time-traveling super heroes and villains, I was so onboard. That show is Legends of Tomorrow and here’s what you need to know before it premieres on January 21.

The World

Legends of Tomorrow exists in the same world as Arrow and The Flash. In fact, the main reason for bringing the group together is to stop Vandal Savage, who appeared in both The Flash and Arrow crossover episodes. The members of the team trying to stop Savage include Firestorm, Captain Cold, Atom, and Hawkgirl, who all appeared on The Flash. Plus, White Canary, who has played a recurring role on Arrow for several seasons joins the crew. Considering the close ties of the three shows, we can probably assume Barry Allen and Oliver Queen will make an appearance on Legends of Tomorrow at some point if not in the first episode.

The Characters

With new characters like Rip Hunter and old friends like White Canary, Legends of Tomorrow brings together a cast of misfits as they try to align their collective weekly mission–traveling through time and trying not to screw it all up! Here’s a quick look at the main players you should know.

Rip Hunter

Played by Arthur Darvill, Rip Hunter is a time-traveler who shows up just to assemble this team to join forces in order to stop Vandal Savage from ruining–well, everything. In Season 2 of The Flash, Eobard Thawne name drops Rip Hunter as the original creator of the ‘time bubble’.

White Canary

After dying at the end of Arrow Season 3 then being resurrected in Season 4, White Canary is bringing amazing skills as a badass fighter who doesn’t let anyone push her around.


Firestorm is actually the combination of two characters: Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson. Together, the unlikely duo becomes Firestorm–one flying dude on fire.

Captain Cold

As one of the snarkiest criminals to appear on The Flash, Captain Cold doesn’t seem like much of a team player. How will this lone wolf operate when he’s not the one calling the shots?


Poor Cisco fell in love with Hawkgirl, aka Kendra Saunders, just before she realized she’s actually immortal, can fly, and has a bunch of drama from all of her past lives including an obsessed lover. Wow. Tough luck. Hawkgirl’s warrior skills will come in handy with this bunch.


Carter Hall, aka Hawkman, is threatened and killed by Vandal Savage in every life he’s lived. Immortal, just like his lover Hawkgirl, they always lose their fight to Savage. But now that they have teamwork, maybe they’ll succeed.

Heat Wave

Hero of all pyromaniacs out there, Heat Wave isn’t in the business of helping anyone. As Captain Cold’s accomplice in criminal activities, he’s unlikely to win any popularity contests.


As a charming inventor, who also happens to be a billionaire, Ray Palmer seems like a classic “good guy” hero. But how will a shrinking suit benefit the team?

The Future

Time travel! The possibilities are endless. Because the basic premise allows for time travel, I’d say we can expect a ton of hilarious run-ins across various time periods. Personally, I’d love a trip to the 1980s with lots of bright colors and scrunchies. DC hero Jonah Hex is set to make an appearance set in the wild west. The series is also set to welcome Firefly favorite Jewel Staite in the future where she’ll play a tech genius.

Get a better idea of how cool Legends of Tomorrow will be by watching this epic trailer!

Featured Image Credit: The CW

What are you looking forward to on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!

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