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What Wonder Woman’s New Trailer Reveals About Her Cast

What Wonder Woman’s New Trailer Reveals About Her Cast

After stealing the show in Batman vs. Superman, Wonder Woman’s taking center stage next year, and this full trailer shows just how spectacular of an origin story we’re in store for. Along with furious shoreline combat and nasty trench warfare, the clip promises a reveal of the mystery behind that old, worn photograph Princess Diana went through SUCH trouble to secure. Watch on.

Now, Wonder Woman has been a household name for decades, but most of the world probably isn’t too familiar with her supporting cast. If you kept asking “Who’s that?” whenever a new character popped up on screen, we’ve got some quick facts for you.

Before we get into those, it’s worth noting that the setting has changed from what’s traditional for Diana’s origin. The character debuted in the 40s and, as such, her introduction to “Man’s World” coincided with World War II. That date keeps getting moved up as the mainline DC Comics continuity keeps rebooting, but even with the myriad Earths and timelines in DC’s multiverse, no prior creators have shifted her first contact back in history to first World War. Why the change? Perhaps, between Captain America and Hellboy, the crew thought WWII might already feel too familiar to movie audiences. It may seem abritrary, but the change actually does affect some cast dynamics a bit.

Steve Trevor


Wonder Woman’s first love. Trevor is an Air Force intelligence officer whose plane crash lands on Paradise Island, exposing the secluded, all-female community to an utterly alien outsider. Diana falls for Steve while nursing him back to health, and follows him when he leaves the island to continue battling the Nazis. As noted, their interaction happens during a different war, now, so it seems the two will be fighting the Central Powers instead.

Etta Candy

A friend and sidekick to Wonder Woman, much as Jimmy Olsen is to Superman. The bubbly and vivacious Etta’s role has changed a few times, depending on the era. In her first appearance, she was the chair of a college sorority that basically acted as Diana’s street team. A revamp of the character in 80s turned her into an Air Force officer (who eventually marries Steve Trevor!). However, it’s the most recent incarnation of Etta who serves as Steve’s secretary, as she does in the film.

Queen Hippolyta

Immortal leader of the Amazons from Greek myth and the ruler of Paradise Island, Hippolyta is Diana’s sole parent, having magically molded her out of clay. In the movie, she’ll be sharing parenting duties with other senior Amazons. Hippolyta has actually assumed the Wonder Woman persona in Diana’s stead, at times, either as a member of the Justice League or Justice Society. This retcon has been used to explain how Wonder Woman can still fight the Nazis in World War II, even while Diana’s first journey to Man’s World keeps getting moved up into contemporary times.

General Antiope

Hippolyta’s sister, and part the group effort to raise Diana from girlhood. Antiope clashes philosophically with Hippolyta about how best to do that, of course, wanting to teach the princess the ways of war instead of protecting her from the outside world. Interestingly, Antiope is a much more recent addition to this cast than any other character listed here (her relation to Hippolyta wasn’t even defined until a revamp in the 80s), so it seems this movie will be presenting this most bellicose Amazon on its own terms.

What other characters from Wonder Woman’s mythos might show up in her movie? Drop your hopes, wishes, and theories in the talkback.

Image Credits: DC Comics

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