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What The New Batman Game Can Learn From Tales From the Borderlands‏

What The New Batman Game Can Learn From Tales From the Borderlands‏

Telltale Games has managed to make some of the best franchises just a little better through their unique method of artistic storytelling. A story is only as intriguing as its characters and Telltale Games has perfected the art of forming emotional attachments between the player and the that virtual person in the screen. One of the biggest anticipated releases for 2016 is Batman – Telltale style. But what can gamers expect? The company’s last attempt at an action game IP was Tales from the Borderlands, and it turned out to be pretty darn good.

Tales from the Borderlands is one of the most interesting action titles in the past few years, and it managed to bring in front an entirely new set of unique, fun and quirky game mechanics. Telltale Games created more of a spin-off with Tales from the Borderlands with a focus more on character development and jokes instead of violence. That on its own is more than exciting right now, as it makes the adventure game seem more comedic and fun.

The game takes place in the Borderlands universe with most of the action occurring on Pandora after the events of Borderlands 2. The main characters, named Rhys and Fiona are very fun and quite amazing to be honest, because their story seamlessly integrates with the stuff that has happened inside the video game series as a whole, but it also manages to offer some really cool insights which are very exciting on their own.

Rhys is a Hyperion employee who is tired of his lowly status at the company and embarks on an incredible adventure to retrieve a Vault Key from Pandora in hopes that he will receive recognition and maybe even a promotion. The Vault Key is in the possession of Fiona – a resourceful and manipulative entrepreneur that seems to be doing all the wrong things for a few of the “right” reasons.

Tales from the Borderlands Family

Tales from the Borderlands has the entire story created from multiple angles, even though the plot is focused mostly on family. Fiona was raised by a conman named Felix, alongside her sister Sasha, into a life of crime and corruption. The dysfunctional family sets their next big con on passing off a fake fault key which turns out horribly wrong for everyone involved. There is a ton of action throughout the series creating quite the rollercoaster ride, filled with action packed ideas and disappointments that will follow one another until you reach the peak. Unlike Borderlands 2, this title is more about decision making, something that allows this title to be more of a strategy game rather than anything else.

There are plenty of tough decisions to make in Tales from the Borderlands that can ultimately impact the outcome of the game. If someone in your family that you love betrayed you–how would you deal with that? Could you take the life of the man who raised you? Those are the kind of choices you will have to make by the end of the game. Every decision will impact those around you and ultimately lead you down a different path. And there’s the key to the series, watching the consequences of the decisions you make affect the people around you.

Telltale Games managed to turn a first-person shooter into a game that made you think before pressing a button. Their new Batman title will need to make the decisions matter not only to your character, but also the people around you. The emotional connection that the player feels for every character in the game combined with the consequences that you face with every decision is what will humanize the Batman–making him more relatable than ever before. The only question is if you will be come the hero that the city needs or the one that it deserves.

What was the hardest decision you had to make in Tales from the Borderlands? Let us know in the comment section below.

                                                                                       All Image Credits: Telltale Games/Tales from the Borderlands

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