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What Is International TableTop Day?

Warm up those dice, gather those meeples, and grab a red marker and circle APRIL 30th on your calendar. The official countdown to International TableTop Day begins now! On the day of the event, we will be rocking Geek & Sundry Live for 24-hours straight with all of your favorite games and absolutely incredible guests. This is a not-so-subtle hint for you to keep your eyes on the stream all day long for some special surprises.

This year, we are partnering with the non-profit, KaBOOM!. All proceeds from International TableTop Day will go toward their work to bring balanced and active play into the daily lives of all kids, particularly those growing up in poverty in America. It only makes sense that a day all about playing together should ensure that everyone has a chance to play.

And what would ITTD be without some of our favorite games to play? All day long, we will be rolling the dice, pulling cards, and generally trying to keep from being in last place as Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton show us how to throw the best International TableTop Day OF ALL TIME! Ivan Van Norman will be our host as some amazing special guest hit the table to show us their skills at deduction, creativity, and good old luck. Here are just some of the games you will see on the stream:


Can’t wait until April 30th? (I know the feeling. Let me play all the games now!) Then make sure to check out our Twitch channel and website in the days leading up to the event for playthroughs of some of the best games around such as Zombicide: Black Plague, Machi Koro, Telestrations, Boss Monster, and Heroes Wanted. Will our team be able to save the world, fight back a nasty horde of zombies, or simply draw the more interesting parts of the human anatomy? There’s only one way to find out.

This International TableTop Day, we have hundreds of stores participating as Geek & Sundry Preferred Partners. These stores will be receiving exclusive ITTD game pieces for most of the games you see on the list. Tons of other stores will be holding events around the world, and you can find them all our interactive network of awesome! We are continuously updating our database, so if you’re a store owner and don’t see your listing yet, never fear!

You can head on over to to find the closest store to you. All you have to do is punch in your zip code and we do all the work. Not only does the new TableTop Day site have stores that you can visit, but you can also go there to learn all about what games we will be playing that day, see a schedule of events, and more. It’s like we live in the future!

Is that not enough for you? Thank goodness, because we have more in store for you. Thanks to Nerd Block, you will be able to purchase a Limited Edition TableTop Day box. This will include gaming pieces made for exclusively for International TableTop Day 2016. Supplies are limited! Get your order in when they go on sale this April, because once they’re gone, they are all gone.

And yes, there will be an International TableTop Day 2016 T-Shirt to go along with all the festivities. (Thank you for asking.) You will be able to grab one from our online store closer to the event, so keep an eye out. After you grab one, take a picture of yourself playing a game on the big day and make sure we can see it by using #tabletopday and tagging @geekandsundry! We want to see everyone enjoying a new board game, making new friends, and spreading the love of gaming one dice roll at a time.

Holding your own community event? Click here to download all the ITTD items available!

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