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What Is International Tabletop Day?

Once a year when the first buds of spring begin to unfurl from their winter slumber, International Tabletop Day brings us back to the table to remind us why we play and to give thanks to those who make every roll of the dice exciting.

From the heaviest strategy game to the lightest party game, ITTD gives us a chance to celebrate those who bring their passions to the table. Everyone from the biggest publisher to the smallest developer let players explore new worlds and take on herculean tasks in little more than an hour. And when we find ourselves sitting in the winner’s circle, we know that it will be the makers of the games we love cheering us on.

Tabletop Day is also a day to celebrate those who come to the table in contest or cooperation. It is a time of friends tasked with war and strangers finding a common bond to survive through the next turn. We honor the communities that gather around the table, those who bring the winning spirit and sportsmanship to play with others. We play not just against the board, but with others. To you who manage groups, bring new people to the table, and find that one night out of the month to bring your team together to fight a dragon; this day is for you.

And let us not forget the places we play games, find our new passions, or simply connect with those who are looking to play together. International Tabletop Day lives within the walls of your friendly local game store and community events. It is here that communities and games find each other, where information is shared and passions flare to life. You’ll find a universe to explore behind every door and beneath every box. International Tabletop Day looks to shine a light on stores and community events out there looking to bring everything that we love about the day together.

But most of all, International Tabletop Day is about you. If you are reading this right now, consider yourself a champion of ITTD. You are a gamer, a leader of the community, and someone who is passionate about games. From the games to the people who play and even the stores we play at, it all comes down to you and your passion that drives International Tabletop Day.

And this year for International Tabletop Day, we want to give you a little power to change the world. TELL US how board games changed your life. The first step to bring people to the table and to grow the community starts with you. Head over to our Facebook page or tell us on Twitter with #tabletopday how board games have changed your life. Share your stories with us and we’ll share them to the rest of the world.

If you are a retailer owner, hop on our retailer map to claim your store page or set up your own page to let everyone around you know where they can attend International Tabletop Day. Set up pictures, post your events, and let us shine a spotlight on you.

If you are a community event coordinator, tell us about your amazing event and what’s going on. You might not be a friendly local game store, but you are still bringing together all the elements that it takes to make a great Tabletop Day. Jump into this link to let people know that you are putting together an event.

If you are someone who just wants to take part in the big day, you’re in luck. You can keep an eye on the Tabletop Day Facebook Page and Twitter. Jump into the site to search your area for your local store or community event taking part in International Tabletop Day.

If you can’t make it out, make sure to head over to Twitch to watch and interact with other gamers live. You can also check out the Tabletop Website for new updates and more information about who is putting together an amazing day of games, community, and more than a couple of surprises.

Get ready for another amazing International Tabletop Day!

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