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Welcome to Geek And Sundry’s Open Beta!

We like new things. Remember that time that we decided to put together a special day where we got all our friends together to play board games? (It was amazing.) Or that time we thought about putting people on camera to play games and talk to you at the same time? (Such a good idea.) Well, think of this as the next evolution of all of that. Welcome to Geek & Sundry’s Open Beta! This time around, we’re trying new things, meeting new people, and asking for your input on what you want to see next.

Every day next week, we’ll be hosting a new pilot show over on Geek & Sundry Live. There will be puzzles to solve, food to shape, and sweat to… sweat. We’ll be there talking to you about the things you love, the shows you need to be watching, and the crazy things you’ll be getting your hands on in the future. Check out the lineup below so you don’t miss a single new show.

Don’t forget – this is all still in beta. A light might fall. Hector might clip through a wall. We’re still working on the save system. Hop on to Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think about the shows.

The Scavenger | Monday, 5/16 – 5:00pm

A first person, virtual scavenger hunt from the comfort of your own home! Our host will try to solve a series of scavenger hunt puzzles that are set up around the G&S Twitch Studio. The twist is that the Twitch chat room will control all the actions that the host takes. Everyone must work together to try and complete the challenge.

Did you watch The Scavenger? Take our survey on it here!

Otak-ing HeadsTuesday, 5/17 – 5:30pm

Accomplished voice actor Todd Haberkorn hosts a roundtable chat with other giants of the world of anime. Guests will discuss anime that they enjoy and talk about their experiences bringing it to English speaking audiences. Fun, special segments include a storyline guessing game (based on anime box art), voicing an anime romantic scene as different characters (and/or monsters), and more!

Gastro Geek | Wednesday, 5/18 – 5:30pm

Playing with your food has never looked like this! Two players face off to make a food sculpture based on a theme chosen by our chat room. Our judges, Jenn Fujikawa and Hector Navarro, will choose their favorite with help from the chat.

Game Engine | Thursday, 5/19 – 5:30pm

We keep you up-to-date with the latest news and trends in gaming and technology, and where they intersect. Our two hosts offer a fun analysis of gaming today and interview special guests about the trends of tomorrow.

Max Hit Points | Friday, 5/20 – 5:30pm
Featuring Blair Herter of Nerdstrong Gym

An hour long health and fitness lifestyle show in the guise of a Live Action Role Playing game. Guests will assess their own fitness as representatives from Nerdstrong Gym lead them through a workout routine and explain helpful nutrition tips to help our viewers “level up” their own health. The mission: vanquish the evils of a sedentary lifestyle and have fun while being active!

All times are Pacific Standard Time

Let us know what you think and what you want to see next on the stream in the comment section below. We hope to see you all at the Open Beta!


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