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We Made More Firefly Character Sheets for Everyone Still Hoping for Season 2

We Made More Firefly Character Sheets for Everyone Still Hoping for Season 2

Here’s how it is: We made Firefly character sheets for DnD 5e a while back but didn’t cover all of the crew of Serenity. So, we’ve come back with a round 2 to give you the rest of Mal’s crew. And just because we enjoyed it so much the first time…

Take my love, take my land,

take me where I cannot stand.

I don’t care, I’m still free.

You can’t take these character sheets from me.


River Tam is the prodigy child who makes her brother look like an idiot. Given her high intelligence and skill in the martial arts, we’ve made River a Monk. We’re only using the standard spread here, so we haven’t quite been able to show all of River’s strengths (she really is a highly talented and skilled individual), but this sheet gives an idea of how to play her. We consider River a kind of forced Acolyte, since she did want to go off and learn, but was ultimately tortured as the Alliance attempted to turn her into a psychic assassin. Although monks depend on Wisdom to grant them their Ki, River’s mind is often not lucid enough to do the wise thing. Sometimes she is able to focus, but given her history, we haven’t made her extremely wise here.

Firefly River

Shepherd Book

Shepherd Book is an enigma. This man is a preacher, but knows complex military tactics and has high level security clearance. As a preacher, it’s a clear choice to class him as a Cleric and, given that he is such an enigma, we made him an Outlander (from the rest of the crew). It’s also not clear what his motivation is, so we’ve left his alignment and deity open for adaptation. Here we’ve made his alignment neutral, but have chosen not to list any deity or divine domain. Shepherd’s a great character to RP as a result, because you can create his backstory yourself! Since he is such a dichotomous character, we gave him equal parts healing and hurting magic.

Firefly Shepherd


Oh, Simon Tam, the older doctor brother of River. Though not as smart as River, Simon is a genius in his own right. Given his smarts, we’ve made Simon a Wizard with the Sage background. Since he is a doctor in the show, we’ve made sure to give him proficiency in Medicine and a high Dexterity to represent his medical talents. It was difficult to choose an Arcane Tradition for Simon, but School of Necromancy, as the only tradition which emphasizes control over life, death, or anything referencing healing, won the spot in the end. Unfortunately, wizards don’t really have access to low-level healing spells so instead, we tried to give Simon spells which emphasize illness, detection, and anything which could be roleplayed to have a medicinal function.

Firefly Simon


Curse your sudden, but inevitable betrayal! Er, we mean, it’s Wash! Now, DnD doesn’t really have a mechanic for a spaceship’s pilot, but there are still ways to play Wash in a DnD campaign. Here, we’ve made Wash a Ranger to indicate his desire to leave home and explore, while we gave him the Sailor background to express his pilot roots. Wash rarely goes into battle (and for good reason), but is highly skilled at piloting Serenity. Because of this, we’ve given Wash an Archery fighting style to indicate his ability with range rather than close combat. We’ve also not spelled out Wash’s Favored Enemy or his favorite habitat (Natural Explorer). Wash has been to many worlds and literally explored the stars, so it’s up to the player to figure out what they want to focus on here. We’ve given Wash the Beast Master archetype to represent his relationship with Serenity. Consider having a companion beast named Serenity, but make sure it’s at least large enough for someone to ride on.

Firefly Wash


Wash’s lovely wife, Zoe, is our final sheet for this round. Given her military background and history with Mal, Zoe is a Fighter with the Soldier background. For Zoe, it made sense to take the Gunslinger homebrew from Critical Role since she is a firearms expert (though not nearly as obsessed with guns as Jayne). Alignment is tricky when it comes to Mal and Zoe because they both have the strict training from their military background, but most people don’t consider them lawful since they go against the Alliance. Here, we’ve shown Zoe as Chaotic Good to represent how she incorporates gut feelings into her decisions. However, it’s also possible to play her as Chaotic Neutral or even Lawful Neutral, given her habit of referring to Mal as “sir” and following his lead. Zoe isn’t really into two-handed weapons, so we’ve given her a pistol and pepperbox here.

Firefly Zoe

And that’s it! We’ve finished Firefly round 2. What did you think? Who would you like to see turned into a PC next? Let us know in the comments!

Character Sheets Created By: Ailea Merriam-Pigg

All Images Credited To: 20th Century Fox


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