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Watch the 2015 The Geekie Awards Nominees for Short Film

Watch the 2015 The Geekie Awards Nominees for Short Film

The Geekie Awards is a different kind of award show created “by geeks for geeks” with the aim to promote independent content often overlooked by mainstream awards. With nominees in 13 different categories, The Geekie Awards promotes fantastic geeky content by independent creators ranging from podcasts to fashion. Here is a look at the five nominees in the Short Films category for this year’s Geekie Awards. You can watch (almost) all of the nominees below.

The Brain Hack

The Brain Hack” is an almost 20 minute short film following two students as they experiment with ways to “hack” the brain using a series of images. It’s a little bit of science fiction mixed with a ton of paranoia. Is someone trying to stop their experiments? Will it actually work? You’ll want to watch this one to the end!


The Mill at Calder’s End

While you can’t watch the full film, this teaser for “The Mill at Calder’s End” is creepy enough to make me sleep with the light on. The film stars 30-inch tall puppets in this Victorian ghost story about the remote village of Calder’s End. Basically, a bunch of creepy stuff happens in this town as Director Kevin McTurk tells the story of Nicholas during his return to his haunted hometown. Be on the lookout for the full film!



Ambition” follows an apprentice as she tries to control nanotechnology through tests give by her tutor. When she is unable to complete a task, he tells her a story of the creation of the solar system and the ambition of humanity to succeed. The film was created in association with the European Space Agency to celebrate their Rosetta mission. It’s a stunningly beautiful film with swelling music and a lesson on what really makes humans unique.


Prelude to Axanar

With stunning effects and visuals, “Prelude to Axnar” is a short film that takes place in the Star Trek universe and goes back in history 20 years prior to Kirk and Spock. It’s made as a documentary of Star Trek history from those who experienced it themselves. Watch this short in anticipation of the full-length film, Axnar, to be released in 2016!


The Landing

The Landing” follows the quest of a man as he tries to discover the truth of something strange he saw as a young boy. This dark short also examines the father and son dynamic, as the son tries to obey his father while satisfying his curiosity surrounding what fell from the sky into his back yard. Keep watching until the end!

What do you think of these films? Let us know in the comments!

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