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WATCH: How to Play – Unearth

Every week, Game the Game host Becca Scott shows us how to play awesome tabletop games here on Geek & Sundry, as well as play great games with fantastic guests.

This week she’s taking on a dystopian future with Unearth by Brotherwise Games. In this game, you are playing a small tribe that is the remnant of a marvelous civilization. It’s up to you to reclaim the glory and monuments of your ancestors. You start the game with a set of five dice in your color (3 d6, 1 d8, and 1 d4), a Ruins card, and two random Delvers cards.

During your turn, you can play one of your Delvers cards to manipulate the dice rolls, but you can leave it up to fate. Delvers are mean little buggers. Some of them adjust your roll or allow you to roll multiple dice in a turn, but some of them allow you to choose a number and reroll all the dice on the Ruins with that number. This can give you an edge or come back to bite you later.

One of the cooler mechanics of this game is that you aren’t punished for having terrible dice luck.  On a roll of three or less, you get a stone from the ruin and place your die on it.  Over three, you just place your die on the ruin.  Once there are enough dice to add up to the target number on the ruin, highest die gets to claim it. Ties go to the highest die type (d8 over d6 over d4). Flip over a new ruin and play on. If you didn’t win the Ruin card, you can draw a number of Delvers equal to the number of dice you had on the ruin.

Stones are used to gain Wonders. Every time you get a stone, you place it in front of you to make a hex. This is where it gets tricky. You can’t move the stones once they are laid down. If all the colors in the hex match, you get a Greater Wonder. Multiple colors get a Lesser Wonder. In addition, there are named Wonders on the table that require you to lay down a certain combination of colors.

Gameplay goes on until all the Ruins are claimed. The last card of the deck is the End of Age card that is chosen randomly from the stack of five at the beginning of the game. This one is either an event or a Ruin that can help you or mess up your end game, but you won’t know until the game is nearly finished. You gain points for having groups of Ruins in the same colors and if you collect all five colors. Wonders give varying number of points depending on what they are. Will you go for the Ruin victory or try to complete as many Wonders as possible?

Will you be able to lead your tribe to reclaim the glory of your civilization? Or will you be left in the dirt? Check out Becca’s How to Play and get ready to play Unearth!

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