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WATCH: How to Play – Pacific Rim: Extinction

Join Game the Game host Becca Scott as she shows us how to play new amazing tabletop games here on Geek & Sundry!

This week, Becca’s firing up her Jaeger to take on Kaiju in Pacific Rim: Extinction. This game by River Horse Games is burning it up on Kickstarter, and already funded with about half a month to go. If you want to get in on the cool exclusives, head on over and pledge.

If you’re looking to jump into the world of Pacific Rim, for a quick play mode, you can jump straight into the action with the Quick Play cards. These are a great way to learn how to play without having to figure out all of the nuances of set up. Your Scenario, Terrain, Models, Pilots, and Mutations are all on the card.  All you have to do is play. The models all come prepainted for you.

The game’s replayability shines with Constructed Battles. Here is where you get to pick which Kaiju meets which Jaeger. The Kaiju player sets the Threat level of the game by combining the Category Rating of their Kaiju. In response, the Jaeger player builds their team with points equaling twice or less of the Threat Level. After your teams are picked, draw a Scenario card and set up your terrain.

All Kaiju are built the same, right? Not necessarily. There are spaces on the Kaiju Signature card for Red and Blue Mutations to keep them guessing what’s coming through the Breach.

Jaegers are fairly similar in that you can upgrade their Conn-Pod with special Upgrade Cards them to give yourself the edge you need. Pilots also give you unique attacks and abilities. Watch out for Drift Compatibility, the more compatible your pilots are, the better their skill in combat will be.

It wouldn’t be Pacific Rim without fighting in different terrain. There are plenty of buildings to be smashed and water to wade through. Urban Areas also make it a bit harder for the Jaegers because they can’t run in Urban Areas due to the population they are trying to save.

The dice are pretty cool too. Impulse die lets you know how many minis you can activate each turn. Combat Dice are used for attack, defense, and other special situations. Both types are unique to Pacific Rim: Extinction and add some extra flavor.

Once you get rolling, Action Cards help you pull off special attacks and secret weapons. They’re also used for damage. When you take damage, your opponent takes one of your action cards at random to determine the outcome. The card is then discarded from the game to represent the loss of weapons or power cores being smashed.

It’s all pretty straightforward as the two sides duke it out, or it would be if the Kaiju don’t have a secret agenda for the game. Battle Assessment Cards change the scoring of the game by giving bonus points for damaging (or saving) specific buildings. It’s not enough to take out the Kaiju if they destroy the population in the process.

If you’re ready to cancel the apocalypse, check out Becca’s How to Play and back the game on Kickstarter before the project closes on April 4th.

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