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WATCH: How to Play – Carcassonne

Join host Becca Scott as she breaks out some of the best boardgames the industry has to offer every week here on Geek & Sundry!

This week, Becca’s kicking it old school with Carcassonne by Z-Man Games. If you like games where you don’t have to rely on your dice luck, this is one you’ll enjoy.

In this tile placement game, you are developing the area around the famed city of Carcassonne. Each player takes turns drawing a tile from the pile and adding it to the board. After they place it, they have to decide if they want to allocate one of their Meeples to earn points.

Placing tiles can be tricky. Your roads must meet up with another road. No road starting out of nowhere. This leads to interesting strategies where you place tiles in such a way that impedes your opponent from being able to finish that city which would net them a ton of points.

Meeple placement is key to this game. Anytime you lay down a tile, you can place a Meeple on it. You have to choose if you want to place it on a cloister, city, or road to collect points during the game as each is finished or if you want to play the long game and claim some farmland in the hopes of big points at the end of the game.

But be careful with your Meeples, you only have eight to your name and one of those needs to be on the scoring track. Nothing is worse than having the perfect piece that would net you a bunch of points and not having a Meeple to place there. You will get back your city, road, and cloister Meeples as they complete their objective, but farmland Meeples stay where they are for the entire game.

There are some tricky ways to mess with your opponents. You can’t add a Meeple to an objective if there is already one in a connected tile, but if you add your tile is such a way that you can complete it later, you can snag the points. Be warned, if they figure it out, they can steal back all the points by cleverly placing more tiles to have the majority of the Meeples on the objective leaving you with no points for your trickery.

Once the last tile is placed, it’s time to score the game. You get one point for every tile in an uncompleted city and road you control. Uncompleted cloisters gain one point for itself and every adjacent tile. Farmers gain four points for every completed city they supply. Just like other objectives, majority rules. One farmer can supply multiple cities which makes them super valuable in gaining last minute points.

This game is a classic in modern boardgames and that means there are tons of expansions for you to explore, and even more games that have been inspired by its mechanics.

Ready to get building? Check out Becca’s How to Play, and be sure to tune in weekly for more How to Play and Game the Game goodness with Becca Scott!

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