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WATCH: How to Play – ‘The Grimm Forest’

Every week, Game the Game host Becca Scott shows us how to play awesome tabletop games here on Geek & Sundry, as well as play great games with fantastic guests.

This week Becca’s taking on a twist of the Three Little Pigs with The Grimm Forest. The king is planning on developing land in the Grimm Forest. The problem is that his current Royal Builders, the Three Little Pigs, have grown old and senile. You play a niece or nephew of those legendary pigs trying to build three houses before everyone else to gain the title of Royal Builder.

It’s every pig for themselves during the Gather phase. During this phase, you choose one of the resources on the board you want to collect. Outwit your opponents and try to pick one that no one else is going to so you can grab everything for yourself. The twist is that everyone is secretly picking their location. Place your miniature on the resource area after everyone reveals their location.

Now that you have the building material, it’s time to build! Each house comes in three pieces and each piece costs a different amount to build. Yes, you really are putting together a three-dimensional house. Each house type comes in its own color and shape, so no hunting for a certain piece (and it’s colorblind friendly).

Once you get the walls of your house up, you get to draw Friend cards from the deck. Your uncles were so legendary that word of your competition has spread throughout the land and caught the attention of some very famous faces. Befriend some of them to help you win. Will Cinderella help you gather resources faster than anyone else? Can you convince Rumpelstiltskin to turn your straw into bricks or wood? Will the Wolf destroy the resources before you can collect them?

Who will be the first pig to build three houses and become the Royal Builder? Gather your materials and enter The Grimm Forest.

The Grimm Forest is developed by Druid City Games, published by Skybound Games and can be bought from reputable game retailers and from

This video is sponsored by Druid City Games, publisher of Grimm Forest.

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