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WATCH: Catch Up With the Mighty Nein With Critical Recap

Critical Role is Geek & Sundry’s live Dungeons & Dragons show, featuring Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and his troupe of fellow voice actors. Catch them every Thursday night at 7:00 PM PT on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel and on Alpha.

If you’ve watched Mothership before Critical Role begins on Thursdays, you’ve likely seen Geek & Sundry’s Dani Carr give an expert refresher of what happened on the show the week before. Dani’s speedy Critical Role recaps are now their own weekly show!

Critical Recap can be found on YouTube and Facebook every Thursday, summing up the previous week’s adventures in three minutes or less. We’ve taken the first ten recaps and put them in one video to catch you up on the story so far, just in time for episode 11!

Each week Dani will enthusiastically run down the battles, the conversations, and yes, even the shopping before the stream begins, so you’ll never feel behind on the Mighty Nein’s adventures.


  • Learn more about the fan composer of the music you now hear pre-show, Colm McGuinness.
  • Download the previous week’s adventures on the Critical Role podcast every Thursday.
  • Don’t miss the new campaign of Critical Role, live on Alpha and Twitch Thursdays at 7:00 PM Pacific.

Featured Image: Geek & Sundry

GALLERY: Critical Role Fan Art – Puzzle Pieces

GALLERY: Critical Role Fan Art – Puzzle Pieces

GALLERY: Critical Role Fan Art – Mending Fences

GALLERY: Critical Role Fan Art – Mending Fences

Critical Role

WATCH: Critical Role – Fleeting Memories (Campaign 2, Episode 14)