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WATCH: A MAGIC Moment with Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Extended Interview

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins Geek & Sundry host Erika Ishii in this extended interview to recount his history with Magic: The Gathering. Follow them as they discuss playing the game in his younger years, the origins of hitRECord, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

This interview is the extended version of an interview and gameplay video we posted earlier this week, where Erica and Joseph face off with decks from JGL’s vintage collection. If you missed it, you can catch it here:

Since we’re talking about some of those older cards, we wanted to highlight them and give you a peek into Magic: The Gathering’s past.

Dual Lands

Lands are essentially for basically any deck out there from the beginning of Magic to now. Dual Lands are no exception and although Joey GL’s Duals were from Revised Edition (recognizable from the white borders), they are still impressive. Original Alpha and Beta Dual Lands go for thousands of dollars while Revised Duals still go for some hundreds of dollars depending on what colors they produce. The joy of cards with history is that you can see things like that. After Revised, no more Duals were made.


Who’s Tim? The Prodigal Sorcerer

Why call him Tim? It’s a standard term in the game these days that if a card taps to do 1 damage to something then it is a Tim. Named so for the Monty Python reference, Tims can be really dangerous. They can kill your creatures, they can kill you, and most of all they look way too smug.


Thankfully, no matter the printing nor the choice of headwear, these cards are far from expensive. They’re just a bunch of tiny jerks.


Everyone loves things for free and the set of Moxes were no different. Artifacts that cost 0 mana that gave you colored mana weren’t a really big deal back in the day, but have come to be exceptionally potent in older formats.


If you want to get a sense of how ridiculous these cards are, just go look up their prices. I’ll wait. Cool, that’s just bonkers, right?

When I owned my store in Colorado, I got lucky enough to meet some of these artists and it still blows my mind how their art not only persists in such a way but ends up costing more than other art I’ve put on my walls.


Old artifacts were just kind of weird. They’d do anything from letting you tap to look at someone’s hand to hurting you for having card advantage. They were a fun way for designers to do things that just didn’t fit into one color category for whatever reason at the time.


These cards were no different. The Vises were popular enough that they ended up in a fun Modern deck that did all kinds of weird stuff with them.


The best part, for me, is the use of language. Wizards of the Coast has gotten better and better about card wording. Once things started to become more and more uniform, the new wording would be considered to apply to older versions of the cards. It’s just so amazing how far the game has come in the quarter of a century it has been around.

It was such a treat for me to watch along to the game these two amazing people played. Looking back at such a large slice of Magic history that Joseph Gordon Levitt hasn’t looked at in nearly 14 years is something to be marveled.

What are some of your favorite reprinted cards or cards you would love to see reprinted? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credits: Wizards of the Coast

This post is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast.

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