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Warm Up Your Dice, TableTop Season 4 Starts Tomorrow

Finally, the question that has plagued mankind for centuries has finally been answered. TableTop Season 4 begins again tomorrow, November 2nd with the first episode hitting the G&S site, YouTube, and ALPHA at 9am!

Bring your best lights to the festival with Lanterns. Sharpen your blades with Champions of Midgard. Hunt down the vampire, set up your own thrill ride, and rule a galaxy, no matter the size. This season, we’ll have Felicia Day, Laura Bailey, Jesse Cox, Jonathan Coulton, Tim Schafer, Seth Green, and so many more friends over to play games that we had to get a bigger table just to fit them all in. Grab your dice and hope that you don’t roll all ones, since TableTop is BACK!

The first two episodes will be available on the G&S site, YouTube, and ALPHA this Wednesday and next. Head over to ALPHA to check out the rest of the season as it releases bi-weekly, and, starting the week of January 30th, you’ll be able to catch episodes bi-weekly on YouTube and the Geek & Sundry Dot Com.

Please join us for all the amazing games, great guests, and heap-tons of surprises for this season of TableTop. As always, PLAY MORE GAMES!

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