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Walmart Encourages Us to Pass Down the Force for Generations To Come

Walmart Encourages Us to Pass Down the Force for Generations To Come

I didn’t experience Star Wars until I was an adult, which means that I, perhaps greater than most, understand the importance of passing down the love of Star Wars from generation to generation. Luckily, Walmart is here to help with a sappy ad called “A New Generation Awakens”, designed to remind us of the many ways to pass down Star Wars to future generations. Below we break it down GIF-style so get your lightsaber ready.


Dream Big


The best Jedi in the whole universe started out as a farm boy. Teaching kids that they can dream as big as they want is an important lesson of Star Wars to pass down. Their favorite Jedi did it, so why not at least give it a shot.

The Importance of The Force


Kids often need that little bit of extra confidence. Knowing The Force is there to help guide them and keeps us all connected is a valuable message to send. Especially if they need extra help with their yoga positions.

LOL, Gender Roles!


It’s important for girls (and boys) to understand how antiquated many views of gender roles can be. Princess Leia does everything the guys do and more. Don’t you want the younger generation looking up to her as a role model? I mean, at least for her hologram skills, ‘cus let’s face, it that was super useful.

Be Just Like Dad…and Granddad


Whether you’re a “bad boy” or a wise Jedi who hangs out in a robe, kids often look up to those older than them for a good example. Passing down the value of both street smarts (Han Solo) and wisdom (the Jedi Council) are pretty imperative for the generation that will be running the world soon.


Learn to Communicate in Code


Whether for strategy…


or just for fun, communication is a key component of society. Being able to socialize can be difficult in trans-generational relationships. Sometimes it seems like we’re using different languages. But the common love of Star Wars can strengthen ties when it seems like there’s nothing else to hold on to.


This is adorable and all, but what it really comes down to is that when you love something, you want to share it with those you love. When something has impacted you as much as Star Wars has, it’s no question that you would share it with the generations that follow. Whether it’s your daughter, nephew, grandfather, or aunt, Star Wars is meant to be shared and enjoyed by people of all generations. Watch the full video below and try not to get a little misty-eyed.

What’s your favorite way to share Star Wars with other generations? Let us know in the comments!

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