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Vox Meowchina? Vax’ilcat? Cat Cosplay Makes It All Pawssible
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Vox Meowchina? Vax’ilcat? Cat Cosplay Makes It All Pawssible

Their costumes may be smaller than your average cosplayer, but that doesn’t mean the same details, love, and time don’t go into them. Cat Cosplay has been brightening the internet for years now, and among their numerous costumes you’ll find some familiar characters: The players and NPCs of Critical Role.

Cat Cosplay began almost by accident six years ago. “We took Nak to a Ren Faire dressed up in a store bought costume and everyone loved it,” says Freyu, one of the humans behind Cat Cosplay. “The next weekend I had made a far better costume and suddenly I found myself hired by a magician’s troupe.”

Two cats are the faces (and whiskers) of Cat Cosplay: Nak, a fourteen-year-old female Calico, and Fawkes, a six-year-old Tuxedo Shorthair.

“Nak is a shoulder cat who has been busking at ren faires for 6 years now,” Freyu says. “She is one of the softest cats with the best temperaments. Fawkes is far more trained than Nak. However, he’ll never come to an event due to his terror at any unknown noise.”

Cat Cosplay

Cat Cosplay discovered Critical Role after interacting with Geek & Sundry on social media. “We didn’t know Critters or Team Hooman or any of the amazing groups associated so we looked into things,” says Freyu. “It was right around episode 46 that we started watching. And I binge listened to the old shows to catch up.”

To date, Cat Cosplay has shown off four costumes from Critical Role: Victor the Black Powder Merchant, Keyleth, Scanlan, and Vax’ildan. (See them all in the gallery below.)

Depending on the costume and the level of detail, work on a costume can take anywhere from 4 to over 50 hours, he estimates. Treats and toys keep the kitties’ attention during a photoshoot, which can result in almost 100 photos per session. “Each photoshoot is usually 30-100 photos for around 5-15 good ones,” Freyu says.

These are just some of the estimated 70-80 costumes Cat Cosplay has up their well-crafted sleeves. “The public has only seen 60ish,” he says. “I used to keep a hard count. Not so anymore.”

But if he had to pick one costume as a dream project, Freyu has a specific one in mind. “I would love a Jeff de Boer suit of armor fitted for Nak and Fawkes to model,” he says.

Follow Cat Cosplay on Twitter so you’ll never miss any of the amazing costumes the kitty-human team puts together, and don’t forget to watch Critical Role every Thursday night on Geek & Sundry’s Twitch channel.

Featured Photo: Kelly Knox (Nak as Vax’ildan)

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