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Voltron Everyday Cosplay – Defenders of Fashion

Voltron Everyday Cosplay – Defenders of Fashion

Netflix just announced that they’re bringing back an eighties cartoon fave, Voltron, to their streaming services. There have been rumors of a live-action Voltron for some time now, but it never fully panned out. Instead, it looks like we’re getting a cartoon series that will stick much more closely to the original than a new, live-action flick ever could.

This news is getting all of us caught up in the nostalgia wave, and since news like this tends to smack most of us right in the childhood, it only makes sense to create some everyday cosplay looks to help us celebrate the return of the cartoon in way that’s perfect for real, grown-up life. There are loads of fun characters with their own unique styles to choose from in the show, so I picked a handful to create some unique, Voltron-inspired looks.

Viceroy Throk

Sometimes it’s more fun to dress as the bad guy, and what better bad guy to emulate than Emperor Zeppo’s most loyal supporter and one of the founding members of the Fleet of Doom. For a bad guy, Throk has got pretty chill style. Of course, this look kind of skips over the whole blue skin thing, but you do what feels right.

Everyday Vicery Throk


Keith Kogane

This look is perfect for the strong, silent, introspective, bookish leader-type as well as intense fans of the color red. Seriously, this is a lot of red for a regular day, but it’s worth it to go around all day feeling like you’re the pilot of the Black Lion, though I did tone the red down a bit pulling together some of his red from the original Voltron series and the black from Voltron: The Third Dimension.

Everyday Keith Kogane


Princess Allura

Like Keith, Allura has a couple of looks as well. I pulled together one look using her two pink outfits to channel her style and badassery into one outfit. Unfortunately, this outfit will not give you the ability to commune with the dead, nor does it come with your own band of helpful, well-trained mice.

Everyday Princess Allura



You can’t do Voltron everyday cosplay without Voltron, right? While Voltron was able to pull off that “different bold color on every limb” thing with style, I figured it would be easier to pull in the colors in a more low-key way. You’ll be perfectly ready to defend the universe in this outfit. And worry not, this doesn’t come with the randos captaining lions attached to random parts of your body. That’d be weird.

Everyday Voltron


What was one of your favorite cartoons growing up? Were you a Voltron fan? Will you be watching when it hits Netflix? What other childhood cartoon would you like to see come back? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to hang out with us on Polyvore!


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