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What Games Should Be the Next Video Game Hall of Fame Nominees?

What Games Should Be the Next Video Game Hall of Fame Nominees?

Last week it was announced that the official Video Game Hall of Fame had chosen their first inductees — Doom, Pac-Man, Pong, Super Mario Bros., Tetris and World of Warcraft — to be awarded for their immortal greatness in the gaming world.

If you frequent this site then we’re pretty sure you’ve probably spent countless hours playing video games yourself and have a few opinions on what games should get strong consideration for round two next year. So do we! Which brings us to the point of this post: a list of games that we think should be shoe-ins as they’ve had an impact not only in the world of gaming, but in popular culture itself.

1)  Tomb Raider

It was love at first sight with the world of Tomb Raider when it first hit the Playstation in the mid 90’s and went on to spawn two feature films and countless video game sequels and is still alive and kicking and perhaps better than ever before. One of the first to give us a full-on 3D experience, the character of Lara Croft was just as important to our love of the game as was the gameplay itself.


2) Sonic the Hedgehog

One of the greatest video game mascots of all time, Sonic has had such an up and down career it’s worthy of a VH1: Inside the Music biopic. However no one can deny the impact he’s had.


3) The Atari 2600

When it came to gaming in the earliest of the 80’s, the Atari system was our first collective step into the world of video game possibility. Mostly forgotten now, it was the end all and be all for hordes of young impressionable gamers, some of whom would would go on to design some of the greats we know and love today.


4) Final Fantasy VII

There are a only a handful of games that surpass the genre and venture into actual epic storytelling that captivates us and moves us and goes beyond the mashing of buttons. Final Fantasy VII was a perfect storm in that it was a leap into the 3D world of gaming from its previous versions’ sprites, was the first of the series to debut and take advantage of the processing power of the Playstation, and had some of the most memorable characters and music the franchise has ever seen. While other entries in the series may have had slightly better stories, VII‘s sum is greater than its parts reputation makes it worthy of a place in the Hall.


5) The Legend of Zelda

What more needs to be said about this wonderful game and franchise? We don’t need to make an argument for its inclusion. It’s more a question of “when?” not “how?” it will get in. We hope it gets the television show that it deserves one day, but until then a place in the halls of video game greats would be a mighty nice alternative.


6) Castlevania

It was the start of Simon Belmont’s vampire hunting career and it was one of the more engaging and fun games of the NES era. Gone but not forgotten, Castlevania was a classic side-scroller that had all of the elements of what makes a game great.


What are some of your nominees?  Let us know down below!

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