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VidCon Funstravaganza: Play Board Games with Wil Wheaton! [Details & Rules]

Hello, VidCon-going Geek & Sundry-inos! So, um, you know that guy, Wil Wheaton? Yeah, he’s going to be at VidCon. And he TOTALLY wants to play board games with you. Yes, you read that right. (If you need smelling salts, go ahead and grab them. We’ll wait. OK, ready now? Good.) Here’s the deal: At VidCon on Friday from 1-5pm, we’re going to have a booth where people can play some of the board games featured on TableTop. The spots are EXTREMELY limited because, well, one of the people playing board games at the booth is Wil himself. Because he loves you (and we do, too!), we’ve made three spots at Wil’s table available for three very special fans. Here’s how you can be considered:

1.       Make sure you have a VidCon badge and are available at the convention between 1-5 pm on Friday, June 29th. 2.       Take a photo of the expression you would make if you were picked to play with Wil. Alternatively, you can draw what you would look like if you won. Be as creative as you can, because VICTORY is on the line! 3.       Tweet the photo to @GeekandSundry, or email it in to [email protected]. The deadline is Noon Pacific Time on Tuesday, June 26th.

From there, we’ll upload entries to a Pinterest board so everyone can see your handiwork. Winners will be notified via the email they sent the photo from OR Twitter direct message to the account that sent the photo, so make sure you follow @GeekandSundry and use an email address you regularly check! THREE winners will be chosen from our favorites. These fans will have a guaranteed spot for one game with Wil (game and specific time to be determined, but we’ll let you know beforehand!). If you aren’t chosen this go-around, don’t fret—we’ll put ALL valid entries into a drawing that will take place at our VidCon booth on Friday, June 29th to fill any remaining spots! Important things to note:

* If you submit a photo, we may put it up on our social networks – so you may become famous (or infamous). * If you use a drawing, it MUST be something you have made yourself. * One entry per person per type – so one photo, and one drawing, per person. Thanks! * Winners chosen get ONE spot. So no bringing a friend, they’re going to have to stare enviously from the sidelines!

So what are you waiting for? GOGOGOGOGOGOGO! Beverly PS: If you have questions, please tweet them @GeekandSundry! P.P.S. I know you probably need examples for inspiration, so I made you some. YOU’RE WELCOME.

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