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Vax’ildan’s Playlist 2016 – Over The Edge

Vax’ildan’s Playlist 2016 – Over The Edge

Last year, our Critical Role cast shared the songs that inspire their characters. A year has passed, and a lot has happened to our heroes. Vox’Machina wants to share brand new playlists that reflect on where they are today. First up is Vax’ildan with a few words from Liam himself. You can check out Vax’s playlist from last year here. Enjoy.

Liam O’Brien – Vax’ildan’s Playlist 2016

ALL MINE — Portishead
The Raven Queen flipped everything on its head.

GOING DOWN — Ani Difranco
Dragons destroying everything. Sister’s life dependent on an unintended bargain. Faith totally inverted. Love pushed further away. And hard times away from the table.

MISS MACBETH — Elvis Costello
There have been so many different opinions about the Raven Queen, both in Vox Machina, and the audience, I was reminded of this Costello song I’ve always loved. He was writing about an old woman in a town everyone thinks is a witch. The rumors and the reality all knotted together, impossible to be separated.

Showing up at her door. Looking for comfort, or reassurance. Bad to worse.

Born again, from the belly of the beast.

TEAR IN MY HEART — Twenty One Pilots
High five.

IT’S ONLY LIFE — The Shins

Don’t Tread on Me — Kai Straw
After a month of scraping the bottom, Vax gets up.

Second Chances — Gregory Alan Isakov
Families can be complicated.

A new battle anthem for Vox Machina. Battered and bloody, and worn down from the road. But not done.

SONS & DAUGHTERS — The Decemberists
At night, when Vax lays his head down to rest, he has started to foster the barest hint of hope for tomorrow. He almost believes it.

Featured image credit: Nick Robles

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