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Big News is Brewing for the RPG Show

Hey Nerds! Remember that we raised over $1 million for our TableTop Season 3 Indiegogo Campaign? Remember how that $1 million meant that we were creating an entirely new RPG show? Well…here it is!

Wil took some time right before we went into production on the title-still-yet-to-be-revealed RPG show to introduce you to the cast.

Hank Green is one half of the popular vlogging duo The VlogBrothers and nerdy musician. He has also created the tech blog, EcoGeek, co-creator of YouTube convention VidCon which has become the world’s biggest online video convention. He’s also involved with several other channels including Crash Course and SciShow.

UnknownAlison Haislip is an actress, host, and one-forth of Team Unicorn. Best known for her hosting stint on G4’s Attack of the Show and for portraying the fan-favorite role of Ali on HULU’s Battleground, Alison has been a frequent guest on Geek & Sundry including TableTop and more recently our 48-hour charity livestream on Twitch.

Yuri Lowenthal is an actor best known for his work in anime and video games. Some of his credits include Sasuke Uchiha in the Naruto series, the teenage Ben Tennyson in the Ben 10 series, Superman in Legion of Superheroes, and Sandal in Dragon Age. He also created the comedy web series Shelf Life and is the award-winning published author of Tough City and Voice-Over Voice Actor.

From super powered vigilante to bubbly teen pop star to ice weilding wizard, LAURA BAILEY has brought to life a plethora of fan favorite characters.

Laura got her start at a young age on the smash hit, DragonBall Z as Trunks, the little boy with a big attitude. Laura has since gone on to become one of the most prolific voice actresses in the industry today, having worked on over 400 titles in video games, cartoons, and anime.

Major game roles include:
Fetch in Infamous Second Son, which earned her an industry chosen D.I.C.E award nomination
Fiona in Tales From the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series
Wonder Woman in Lego Batman 2 & 3
Ioreth in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
The Boss/President of the USA in Saints Row 3 & 4
Bianca and Dagna in Dragon Age: Inquisition
Rise in Persona 4
Serah in Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2
Helena Harper in Resident Evil 6
Chun-Li in Street Fighter 4
Jaina Proudmoore in WoW
Akali in League of Legends

Major animated roles include:
Black Widow in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble
Lagoona Blue and Headmistress Bloodgood in Monster High
Dawn Star in JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time
Tohru Honda in Fruits Basket
Maka in Soul Eater
Kushina in Naruto
Lust in Full Metal Alchemist
Halibel in Bleach
Shin in Shin Chan
Sana in Kodocha
And many more! …

For more info about current projects, follow Laura on twitter! @LauraBaileyVO

And there’s our cast! Keep your eyes on Geek & Sundry for more updates because we started production TODAY. Stay tuned!

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