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Unleash Your Inner Merc with this Deadpool Themed Makeup Tutorial

Unleash Your Inner Merc with this Deadpool Themed Makeup Tutorial

Everyone wants to be Deadpool, the merc with the mouth. He always says the right thing at the right time, always has the right tool for the job, and gets what he wants all while having lots of fun. Deadpool is the living embodiment of chaotic good, and sometimes, he’s not all that good. The best thing about wanting to be Deadpool is that practically anyone can don the black and red, since there have been multiple versions of Deadpool including Lady Deadpool, Dog Deadpool, and the disembodied head of Deadpool.

Now you can get a taste of Deadpool with the help of professional make-up artist, Gabrielle Rossbach, and these easy steps to wear the black and red wherever you go. And to find out more about your favorite mercenary, check out Omnibus where are experts talk about what what they love about Deadpool and what you need to know about the guy behind the mask.


Step one: Start by prepping your face with moisturizer. Apply your normal foundation, and set your makeup with a powder.


Step two: Apply a base, such as Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion to the eyelid area. Use a black or grey eyeshadow to outline the shape of the eyes. This doesn’t have to be perfect. You’re just creating guidelines for the gel liner in the next step. Go back and forth between eyes as necessary and try to get them symmetrical.


Step three: Go over the eyeshadow with black gel liner. I recommend using L’oreal’s Infallible Lacquer Liner in Blackest Black. Sharpen and define the edges. This is the where you want to perfect the edges of the diamond shape. Apply a white base to the lid, and set it with white eyeshadow. Line the waterline with a white eyeliner to open up your eyes. Fill in your brows using a black eyeliner or brow pomade. You could also use a red lip liner or a red shadow if you preferred red brows. Extend the tail of the brow further than the natural shape.


Step four: To finish off the eyes, apply two black rhinestones underneath the bottom points of the eye shape. I also applied false lashes with Duo Lash Glue in Clear. Apply a bright red lipstick to your lips. Top the lipstick off with a shimmery red gloss to make them appear full and bright.


Step five: To finish off the look, use a red blush to contour the hollows of your cheek. Apply more layers for a more intense look.



Gabrielle Rossbach discovered makeup artistry in college, when she joined the Nomads Theatre Company. As a board member, she created makeup styles across a broad range of categories, from retro beauty to animal inspired looks. She has design credits for her work in Gypsy, Wargames (performed at Gamercon) and The Panda Play theater productions and the independent short film “The Notebook 2”. The more art she created, the stronger her love for makeup grew. You can find out more about her on her website or find more of her work on her instagram page.

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