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Unique & Quirky Father’s Day Gifts For The Geeky Dad

Unique & Quirky Father’s Day Gifts For The Geeky Dad

Father’s Day is coming up and if you don’t have a gift ready for him, here’s a few unique picks that are perfect for the loveable dad.

For The Dad Who Hates Turning Up The Thermostat

If your dad is the kind of person whose hatred for turning up the temperature in your house when it’s as cold as Hoth in the middle of January has lead to some issues this Solo-Organa family portrait sweater might be the perfect gift for him.

family sweater

For The Dad Who Is So Punny, It Hurts

Punderdome game

If the dad in your life loves dad jokes, the Punderdome 3000 game (which we’ve talked about before here on G&S) is an excellent choice for him to show off his pun skills in a socially acceptable environment (rather than, say, in public where the groans of strangers aren’t enough to shame him into stopping.)

For The Dad Whose Golf Balls Explore New Frontiers


If you’ve got a dad in your life who wants to take his golf game to new, uncharted areas (what comes after a triple bogey?) there are fantastic Star Trek golf accessories including balls and club covers. You may wish to warn him not to use  the red balls though. They go out on missions and never come back.

For The Dad Whose Grill Is Bigger On The Inside

Whovian BBQ

Whovians like to grill too, and this BBQ apron available on Etsy is the perfect accessory for the dad who seems to move through time when cooking with fire. You can also pick him up a set of Sonic Screwdriver BBQ tongs if you really love him.

For The Beer-Loving Dad

Beer Sets

This beer connoisseur’s set is perfect for the dad who loves his locally-brewed ale. Fill the growler with his favorite draft and let him enjoy Father’s Day from a glass with iconic father figures, the likes of Batman or Archer.

For The Dad Who Plays CCGs But is Also Forgetful


Wyrmwood recently did a run of fantastic dice and card boxes called the Sentinel Box for the dads who are into CCGs, complete with a Bluetooth tracker discreetly hidden inside (which is optional). These things can hold 100 double-sleeved cards, can take a beating, have a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and can also be used to store things like keys, just in case he manages to lose track of those too.

For The Dad Who Doesn’t Know His Star Wars Ships


This card. For the dad who does, he’ll be asking for his TIE Fighter and just end up disappointed. You could however, actually get him a geeky tie. What more do you need to say?

Do you know what’s wrong with the card? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Credits (Fair Use):  StarTrek.Com, Amazon, Wyrmwood (Kickstarter), 

Image Credits (Fair Use Unless Specified): PeerlessCustom (Etsy), Amazon, Teri Litorco (With Permission).  StarTrek.Com, SmartSassyCrafts (Etsy), Moonionaire (RedBubble)

Teri Litorco is a YouTuber, past Geek & Sundry Vlogger, and all-around tabletop gaming geek. Find her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. She loves seeing your photos of painted models! 

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