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Twitch Highlights March 9-23, 2015

Earlier this month, we launched our Twitch channel with a 48-hour charity stream for The Lupus Foundation. Since then, we’ve launched a bunch of new shows that you can enjoy every single week night. Here are some highlights from the past two weeks. You know, in case you missed it.

Check out our Twitch schedule below to make sure you don’t miss any future streams! (All times in PST)

Game Together (Monday, Wednesday 4-7pm)
Monday – Stef Woodburn, Hector Navarro
The Geek & Sundry crew plays co-op games from Steam with their subscribers. Subscribers will be able to Skype in and get their own chance in the spotlight with weekly indie game giveaways.
Wednesday – Stef Woodburn, Becca Scott, Ify Nwadiwe
Make sure to tighten your Wiimote wrist Strap as the Geek & Sundry crew challenges each other to WiiU group games. Can our friendly office dynamic withstand a particularly grueling game of Mario Kart or will someone take their Wii Tennis trash talk way too far?

Memory Wipe (Monday 7-9pm)
G&S brings celebrated game developers to the fans. Each week, we take a game developer down an embarrassment filled memory lane as the two of them play his or her first and/or worst game.

Cos-Playing (Tuesday 4-7pm)
Celebrating the act of creation, professional cosplayers Jessica Merizan and Stef Woodburn dive into the expressive world of multiplayer Minecraft. While doing so, they will show off their newest cosplay and share tips the audience on how to create their own custom Minecraft skins and cosplay costumes.

The Pull (Tuesday 7-9pm)
This weekly comic book and pop culture show features our favorite pulls of the week not just from powerhouses Marvel and DC, but also smaller comics everyone should be checking out! Each week features an interview with a noted comic creator or artist that the audience can participate in.

Modern Masters (Wednesday 7-9pm)
Magic: The Gathering pros face off against our host Ify Nwadiwe using the newest Magic decks. That’s not all though! The professional player will show the chat room his hand and let them decide on how he/she should proceed.

Scared Silly (Wednesday 9-10pm)
The lights go off, the nightvision turns on and we scare the living crap out of Becca Scott and her internet celebrity guest of the week as they play the newest and most terrifying games.

Game the Game (Thursday 4-7pm)
Ivan Van Norman (TBS’ King Of The Nerds) takes you deep into the world of board games with Becca Scott. As they play on custom multiplayer servers with the chat room, he will share his expert knowledge to help the audience perfect their winning strategies.

Critical Role (Thursday 7-9pm)
Voice actor Matthew Mercer leads a group of fellow voice actors on epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. These familiar voices bring the audience into the full experience of D&D, allowing imaginations to soar as the characters embark on adventures. Matthew will lend some of his power as DM to the audience for a unique and interactive experience.

So You Don’t Have To (Friday 4-7pm)
Ever stare at that $1.99 dating sim on Steam wondering if it’s worth it? The Geek & Sundry crew scours the internet for the weirdest games they can find. We’ll go through the torment of playing them so you don’t have to.

Gather Your Party (Friday 7-9pm)
The weekend gets kicked off right when Geek & Sundry teams up with INDIECADE to play the newest and most innovative group games. You never know who might show up for this segment of “bring your friends” gaming.

GALLERY: Critical Role Fan Art – Undercurrents

GALLERY: Critical Role Fan Art – Undercurrents

GALLERY: Critical Role Fan Art – Ja oder Nein?

GALLERY: Critical Role Fan Art – Ja oder Nein?

Another Must-Have Tool for D&D – The 5e Jump Calculator

Another Must-Have Tool for D&D – The 5e Jump Calculator