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Tweet Me Up, Scotty: Our Favorite Trek Twitter Accounts
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Tweet Me Up, Scotty: Our Favorite Trek Twitter Accounts

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Star Trek predicted and inspired several pieces of technology that we now use everyday. Billions of people have wireless communicators that have a range around the world and, for a while, even mimicked the hinge lidded style of the original series. Our TVs, computers and phones use the same touchscreen technology as the stations aboard the USS Enterprise 1701-D. We even have computers that respond to voice command. One area that these tech prognosticators of didn’t see coming is the rise of social media. Luckily, parody Twitter accounts have risen to show us what Starfleet social media feeds might look like in the future. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below.


Riker Googling

We’ve all had those odd moments of entering a dumb question into a search bar. This Twitter account shows that the future isn’t all that different. Being the first officer of Starfleet’s flagship does not guarantee knowing everything about everything. Riker’s searches include everything from figuring out what’s going on in the 21st century to looking for more…uh…exotic holodeck fare. This account highlights the fact that while Star Trek offers us a brighter future, we are unlikely to get a perfect one.

Real Gul Dukat

Some of the best Star Trek episodes use allegory to discuss the politics of the era in which the shows were produced. It makes sense then that a parody account might attempt some political humor, and Real Gul Dukat does. The setup is that it’s the Twitter account of Gul Dukat, the complicated antagonist of Deep Space Nine. Dukat is charming, cruel and vicious and the tweets he puts out reflect his many different opinions on the state of Starfleet and his own fortunes. The resembles to the tweets of any real-life politicians is purely coincidental.

Star Trek Hour

There are plenty of places to talk about Star Trek online, but few of them offer a structured, fun discussion. Forums can sometimes bring out the worst fan behavior, but this account offers a simple Q&A structure that a lot of fans respond to well. Twitter’s natural character limit also encourages discussion to be short and punchy rather than the same five page posts that people have been making since they were writing letters to Paramount. The account looks at specific episodes of each series and has also been a hotbed for discussion on Star Trek: Discovery.

Swear Trek

You could argue that gifs are another element of communication that Star Trek predicted. They express thoughts and feelings through allegory, like the famous episode “Darmok” from Star Trek: The Nex Generation. Much of what Swear Trek expresses are cynical, hilarious observations on the status of work, social media and the awfulness of people around us. The account is definitely NSFW due to profanity but then, chances are anyone checking Twitter on the clock is too.


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Rob Wieland is an author, game designer and professional nerd. He writes about kaiju, Jedi, gangsters, elves and is a writer for the Star Trek Adventures RPG line. His blog is here, where he is currently reviewing classic Star Wars RPG adventures. His Twitter is here. His meat body can be found in scenic Milwaukee, WI.

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