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TV Shows Meet Rock Bands: Our Fantasy Combos

TV Shows Meet Rock Bands: Our Fantasy Combos

Care for a crossover? When Coldplay teamed up with the Game of Thrones cast for some hilarious and awesome charitable short videos and sketches, it got us thinking: what other magical TV – music mash-ups would we like to see? Combining our favorite TV shows with popular bands is something totally out of left field, so we decided to have some fun with it. After thoughtful deliberation, here’s the best we could come up with, and you know what…some of these sound pretty amazing.

mad men the doors

Mad Men – The Doors

Don Draper meets Jim Morrison…ummm, yes please. All kidding aside this would make perfect sense. With John Hamm singing “Riders of the Storm” or January Jones shredding to “Break on Through”, the combination really can’t go wrong. OK, but seriously, having a band like The Doors inspire a Mad Men musical would be an awesome cocktail. Now that the Mad Men cast has plenty of time on their hands…can we get a little love?

twin peaks bastille

Twin Peaks – Bastille

Mixing a bit of old with the new, here’s the most amazing combo you could dream up. Dale Cooper belting out some “Bad Blood”? Audrey Horne singing “Pompeii”? Laura Palmer singing “Laura Palmer”??!?! This could be a perfect marrying of sound and story, especially since the band is already heavily inspired by the show. Hey, we can dream, can’t we?

buffy rhcp

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Pairing the best of the 90s and early 00s with…the best of the 90s and early 00s! Who wouldn’t want to see Buffy jamming out to “Scar Tissue” or Angel singing “Under the Bridge”? The nostalgia factor is strong with this one!

breaking bad muse

Breaking Bad – Muse

Can we just blast “Hysteria” in the background of every Breaking Bad episode? For a show with so much drama and so much punch, we wanted to pair it with a band that could pack a punch of their own, and wouldn’t be afraid of going dark. Muse is a great combination of light and dark, and they would compliment the style of Breaking Bad well, we think. Picturing Walter White singing “Dead Inside,” or Jesse Pinkman belting out “Madness” just put a smile on our face.

sons of anarchy foo fighters

Sons of Anarchy – Foo Fighters

Combine heavy with heavy and you get…awesome. The violence of Sons of Anarchy mixed with the hard-hitting sounds of Foo Fighters would be a perfect combo. In fact, you could probably fit plenty of Foo Fighters songs into the show as it stands. C’mon…Jax Teller riding his bike and singing “The Pretender”? When can this be a thing?

dr who radiohead

Doctor Who – Radiohead

We’re going to argue that this one might be the most unexpected, but also the greatest combo on the list. Pairing the dark, eerie sounds of Radiohead with the sci-fi of Doctor Who would really be a cool mash-up to see in a musical. If you can picture the Doctor singing “Creep” or “Fake Plastic Trees”, we think you’ll understand.

supernatural imagine dragons

Supernatural – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons have proven themselves to be able to handle dark and light moments, so why not bring them into the world of Supernatural? Their modern, techno-rock sound would match up perfectly with the ups and downs of our favorite sci-fi series. “Radioactive” and “Demons” would be awesome to mash up with Sam and Dean, and you know we’d love to see Felicia sing something as Charlie. Definitely an idea we can get behind!

big bang theory barenaked ladies

The Big Bang Theory – Barenaked Ladies

They already sing the theme song, why not let them join with the cast for a total mix-up of awesomeness? Sheldon Cooper singing along with the Barenaked Ladies is something we’d die to see. If you get the whole group together, everybody could play a different instrument. Listening to Wolowitz sing, “Chickity China the Chinese chicken, have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin’,” just might be awesome enough to bring balance to the nerd force.

the walking dead grateful dead

The Walking Dead – Grateful Dead

We’re gonna pair the old with the new again and bet that this would be an awesome marriage marriage of rock and horror. The Grateful Dead’s psychedelic rock sound paired with the intensity of The Walking Dead just might be the most amazing combo in the history of TV Show/music mash-ups…ok maybe that’s not a super long history, but still! Rick Grimes meets Jerry Garcia? C’mon, guys!

sherlock simon and garfunkel

Sherlock – Simon and Garfunkel

TV’s hottest pair meets the greatest singing duo of all time. Sherlock and Watson singing with the harmonies of “The Sound of Silence” would fit perfectly with the Sherlock theme! In a show that’s all about dynamic duos, it’s no wonder we’d go for a dynamic singing duo. Just sit back and picture this combo for a while and we think you’ll be begging Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman to deliver.


Well, we tried our best, but what do you think? Have any perfect TV Show – Music pairings in mind? Let us know in the comments below! Use your imagination!

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