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TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon

TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon

Every year networks review their TV show slates and decide what will live on and what is gone forever (or these days, gone until someone else decides to make it). While plenty of shows are forgotten about and never mourned, a few shows deserve another chance to find themselves (and an audience). Here are some TV shows that were cancelled too soon.

Pushing Daisies (2007-09)


Photo: Warner Brothers Television

Created by Bryan Fuller, Pushing Daisies had all of the charm in the world. Following a pie-maker who could bring dead people back to life by touching them but couldn’t touch his romantic interest, Pushing Daisies managed to squeak through Season 1 only to get cancelled due to just crappy numbers. Why it got cancelled: Despite critical acclaim (including 17 Emmy nominations and 7 wins) Pushing Daisies couldn’t overcome the audience numbers and also happened to fall right around the writers strike in 2007. Why it was too early: The show ended on a cliffhanger so where’s the justice in that? However, Fuller seems determined to bring the show back in some medium in the future!

Freaks and Geeks (1999-00)


Photo: DreamWorks Television

If the all-star cast of Freaks and Geeks isn’t enough of a reason to keep the show on, being created by Judd Apatow seems reason enough. This teen and family drama only made it one season before getting the axe but luckily most of the cast members went on to Hollywood success. Why it got cancelled: Plain old low ratings. Why it was too early: This insanely talented cast had chemistry by the gallons and another season would’ve surely given it a chance to grow. Plus, I want to know what happened to Lindsay once she got on that bus.

My So-Called Life (1994-95)


Photo: ABC Productions

Teenagers across the world could relate to Angela’s very realistic angst on My So-Called Life. The show dealt with real teenage issues and didn’t seem quite as cheesy as other shows of the era. Claire Danes’s portrayal of Angela was spot-on leaving many wondering how the show could get cancelled at all. Why it got cancelled: Despite a very dedicated small following, the show’s audience demographic wasn’t large or broad enough. However, fans began a campaign for a second season and while the network was on the fence, ultimately they didn’t renew. It didn’t help that it was on the same time as Friends. Why it was too early: Female-driven teen shows weren’t the norm in the days of My So-Called Life and the show gave the audience complex characters and a relatable teenage experience.

Party Down (2009-10)


Photo: Starz

Never will I hire a caterer again after watching Party Down. On second thought, I’d hire this bunch as the entertainment but keep them away from the food. Party Down is written in the TV history book as another hilarious show with an all-star cast gone too soon. Why it got cancelled: Basically, abysmal ratings. Why it was too early: Party Down hit its stride in Season 2. Another season of Ken Marino acting foolish would’ve been nice.

Sports Night (1998-00)


Photo: Touchstone Television

Before The West Wing Aaron Sorkin had Sports Night, a sitcom about a sports newsroom on the surface but as all Sorkin shows are, it was about so much more. Friendship, success, balance and romance mixed in with an epic cast made Sports Night one of the best shows on TV. Not only did it manage to be funny, but also had a lot of heart. Why it got cancelled: Numbers. And at one point they added an awkward laugh track which I’d personally like to blame. Why it was too early: The show within the show got to continue so it only seems fair. Plus, Peter Krause and Josh Charles should be best friends always.

What TV shows do you think were cancelled too soon?

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