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TV Show Fan Theories You’ll Want To Believe Are True

TV Show Fan Theories You’ll Want To Believe Are True

Creating wild stories about our favorite TV show characters is sometimes called fan fiction, but in the case of the speculations below, we’ll call it fan theory. In the case of many TV shows, there are various unexplained plot lines that lead us fans to fill in gaps with our own active imaginations. Sometimes fan theories are completely wrong, but either way, it’s fun to think about. Check out the theories below and let your imagination run wild!

The Walking Dead


Just when you think Rick and the gang might just have the worst luck at attracting walkers, someone over on Reddit comes up with a logical explanation for how walkers seem to always catch them off guard. Is it possible that everyone on The Walking Dead is suffering from terrible hearing loss due to the fact that they shoot guns constantly without protecting their ears? Since they can’t hear very well, they’re actually being really loud all of the time and thus attracting walkers from all over. Possibility? At the very least it’s plausible!



Community‘s Greendale doesn’t seem to house the brightest minds in the country, including (and sometimes especially) the teachers. But one Reddit user believes that Professor Duncan is more than he appears. Seen mostly as a complete idiot, could it be possible that instead Professor Duncan is actually a genius psychologist? Reddit provides several episodes in which Professor Duncan’s psychology and therapy actually end up being correct. So, is he a genius or does he just guess correctly every once in a while? Maybe he’s learned that sometimes laying low is the best way to stay out of trouble.

Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad is over but that doesn’t stop us from re-thinking theories of this complex show. Over on Reddit there is a theory that the show could actually be a comic book written by incarcerated Jesse Pinkman. Ok, hear us out. What if in the pilot, Jesse was actually busted and taken to prison where he had all of the time (and imagination) in the world to create an elaborate story about his former science teacher and the DEA. He thinks up all of the insane deaths, high stakes, and complex backstories of each character–all while inside his jail cell. I mean, it’s possible, right?

Doctor Who 


Image Credit: BBC’s Doctor Who / Facebook

Just when you think River Song can’t get any more mysterious, some fans on Reddit come up with a theory that seems not only plausible but also just tons of fun. What if before meeting The Doctor, River Song was a teacher travelling around in a school bus going on various adventures with her class? That’s right. What if Ms. Frizzle and River Song are one and the same. While The Doctor has his TARDIS, River Song has a magic school bus, which has similar skills as a fully functioning TARDIS. It can travel through space and time, plus it’s camoflage isn’t broken! So after her students grow up, Ms. Frizzle takes her school bus on adventures, running into The Doctor. Basically our childhoods were full of magical and wonderfulness. Well even if you don’t believe it, you have to admit the resemblance is uncanny, right?



While most of us generally agree that Joss Whedon’s darling TV show starring young Nathan Fillion, Firefly, was cancelled because of poor ratings or simply mistreatment from it’s network, there’s a fun conspiracy that the show was actually cancelled because of the Government. That’s right. In a time (2002) where being anti-government was very frowned upon, Firefly preached a society where bartering and independence were king. But really, was cancelling a new TV show on the top of George W. Bush’s agenda in 2002? Not likely but the theory is fun to imagine.

What are your favorite TV show theories? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: The Walking Dead / Facebook

Image Credits: The Walking Dead / FacebookCommunity / FacebookFacebook / Breaking BadBBC’s Doctor Who / Facebook, FOX

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