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Trust No One On The Dark Moon… Board Game

Today on Game the Game, we’re playing Dark Moon. Who will survive this game of deception and cunning?!

You play as a miner for the Noguchi Masaki corporation on Saturn’s dark moon Titan. As in all good horror stories, things are starting to go terribly wrong. Players are divided up into two teams: Infected and Uninfected. The Infected have been stricken with a virus that makes them paranoid and violent. Their goal is to destroy the Uninfected players by destroying shields, outpost stations, and life support. The Uninfected players’ goal is to survive until the end of the game by completing three Events and one Final Event. But there’s a twist! The players are divided up into the teams in secret. You know what team you’re playing for, but you do not know who is with you and who is against you. Unlike some other deception games, the Infected’s actions are publicly seen, so they will need to be clever and subtle to fool their enemies – whoever they are. Task cards and dice selection, however, are done in secret, which makes it more difficult to tell if another player has an genuinely bad role, or if they’re sabotaging the Task.

Repair ExampleTo set up the game, players lay two Outpost status tokens on the board (immediately initiating their negative effects at the start of the game) and place the Suspicion die on the Vote track, and a black and a blue cube on the Difficulty track. The players can choose their Final Event card, or pick one at random. Each player is given two black Strong dice and two red Weak dice, a Participation Token, an Uninfected character screen, and a random status card to determine who is Infected and who is Uninfected. Then Fatigue tokens are randomly drawn until one is picked that matches a player. This chosen player become the Commander. The Commander picks two Event cards from the deck, chooses one to become the first event, and discards the other without revealing it.

At the start of each player’s turn, the player performs an action, then draws two Task cards from the deck and chooses one, placing it faceup on the Current Task space for all players to see. The other card is discarded without revealing it. There are two types of Task cards: Malfunctions that require the group to roll dice to fix the problem, and Complications, which require the individual player to make a decision. Once a task is chosen, each player decides if they want to participate in the attempt. The participants roll their dice pool, keeping the rolls secret, then must submit at least one die of their choosing to the final outcome pool. However, some of the dice faces are negative. Did your companion just roll badly… or are they Infected?

Task Card Sample

There are multiple conditions that can hinder a player. Throughout the game, players can call for a vote to quarantine a player or remove them from quarantine. Quarantined players’ dice limit is reduced by two. They may only use the actions Call Vote, Issue Order, or Reveal as Infected. They may not draw Task cards, but they may participate in group rolls to complete Tasks. Whenever a player’s fatigue token is drawn, that player can not use their character’s special ability and may only submit one die during a Malfunction. Plus, each Outpost status token added to the board makes survival all the more difficult.

Dark Moon appears to favor the Uninfected, but a masterful Infected player can destroy them all without ever being discovered. As the game progresses, the difficulty increases, and the paranoia goes through the roof. Tune in from 4-7pm PST on our Twitch channel to find out who will will make it out alive in this game of Dark Moon!


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