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Top Geeky Wedding Gifts for Summer 2016

Top Geeky Wedding Gifts for Summer 2016

Marriage, marriage is what brings us together today, for June is upon us and as the most traditional time of year for weddings, it’s time to brainstorm your options for gift giving. Many couples ask that you shop off of their registries or simply offer an envelope of everyone’s favorite present, cash money, but for those of us with a penchant for gifting, and a bit of a geeky side, there’s a whole wide world of options to explore.

Frostbeard’s Geeky Candle Collection


Candles may seem overdone and maybe a little boring when it comes to wedding presents, but Frostbeard gets the act of geeky giving right in every way possible. Not only do their candles and wax tarts smell so very magical, but the scents are based off of some of our favorite subjects. Their “Cliffs of Insanity” candles work perfectly as a gift for the happy couple taking the ultimate plunge together. Wuv, twue wuv.

Custom Monopoly Board Game


If you’re willing to shell out a tad more moola, there’s not much out there quite as cool as a custom Monopoly board from WhiskyKid. With everything on the board completely customizable, you can hone in on every aspect of your friends’ relationship, from their first date to that one time they forgot your birthday and showed up at your door the next day with a bottle (or three) of wine.

The game comes with properties and property cards, chance and community chest cards, the board itself, and a box for it all that’s, yes, also customizable.

Star Wars Dinner Plates


Another customary wedding gift is a beautiful, delicate set of fine dinner plates. You could certainly go in that direction, but if the happy couple in question loves a certain galaxy far, far away, LaviniasTeaParty has just the droids you’re looking for.

The shop owner does specify that their plates are for decoration use only, but who would want to slather fried rice over a Vader’s face anyway?

Wait a minute, we may be onto something here.

Game Controller Soaps


Encourage the newlyweds to wash away the stress of their big day with these adorable game controller soaps from JuliesSugarSoaps. There’s only so much you can control when running a big event like a wedding, but with scents like almond vanilla, clean cotton, and oatmeal milk honey, you can combat the stress all the way back to level one.

Framed LEGO Couple


Whether you’re getting married or not, having a customer LEGO version of yourself displayed in your home is pretty cool. MoseleyDesigns will not only prepare figures dressed in the classic wedding garb, but also themed pieces like Toy Story, Harry Potter, and more.

With websites like Etsy at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever as a wedding guest to find the perfect gift for the happy couples in your life, no matter their geekiness (or pickiness) level.

Featured Image Credit: AD Vedder

Image Credit: Frostbeard/Etsy, Image Credit: WhiskyKid/Etsy, Image Credit: LaviniasTeaParty/Etsy, Image Credit: JuliesSugarSoaps/Etsy, Image Credit: MoseleyDesigns/Etsy

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