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Top 5 Upcoming TableTop Games

Top 5 Upcoming TableTop Games

It’s probably obvious that the Geek & Sundry team is filled with gaming fans. Board games, card games, RPG? We love them all and are always looking for new games to play. Here’s a roundup of upcoming games we look forward to playing in the future.

1) Mega Man The Board Game After finishing a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mega Man the Board Game will be going into production. Created by Jasco Games and officially licensed by Capcom, the game is expected to ship in October. The Jasco Games team promises to take the classic formula that made the original Blue Bomber so memorable and transfers it to a whole new arena.

2) Ghoulash: The Last Game on Earth The original pen and paper game was created in 1982 by Mike Suchcicki, and his son Joe has worked on updating the game into different formats over the years. This latest version emulates the dungeon crawl of the original game and works for 2-4 players. Each person assumes one of the characters in the Ghoulash universe and has their own special abilities. The Ghoulash website features not only information on the board game, but also the original paper game, game mythology, and comic book. We expect a Kickstarter for board game version coming very soon!

3) VGHS Board Game It’s a board game about playing video games! During the Indiegogo campaign for season 3 of Video Game High School, Freddie W and RocketJump announced a special perk for backers, a VGHS board game made by Plaid Hat Games. Fans of the series will love playing as their favorite characters and catching show reference. Just imagine Freddie playing himself in a VGHS episode of TableTop!

4) Portal Board Game aka “Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game” While the official board game title is still undecided, Valve and Cryptozoic have announced a Portal board game is in the works. Portal fans will have to wait a while to explore the board game version of Aperture Laboratories as Cryptozoic currently aims to release the game late in the fourth quarter of 2014. Images of the game have been marked as prototype, but the demos look pretty promising!

5) Firefly Role-Playing Game Everything’s coming up Firefly! The beloved (but short-lived) television series has recently seen new life with “Serenity: Leaves on the Wind” from Dark Horse Comics and rumors of a limited series reboot have been soaring all over the internet. Why not add a Firefly RPG to get the Browncoats excited? Thankfully, Firefly fans won’t have to wait very long, Margaret Weis Productions has projected the game to be in stores April 2014.

Check out our TableTop giveaway here. Which upcoming games are you excited to play? Tell us in the comments!

By Brittany Sandler. Follow her on Twitter!

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