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Top 5 Times Video Game Heroes Were Actually Terrible People

Top 5 Times Video Game Heroes Were Actually Terrible People

Video games are a frequent escape for many individuals; they allow you to take control and play as the adventurer, detective, or anything for that matter. A substantial amount of video games put you in the role of the protagonist, who is often supposed to be the “good guy.” Games like Super Mario Bros make you the savior of the princess or games like Drakan: The Ancient Gates make you the savior of the world. But then there are the more, gritty, realistic games where the heroes are much more human and often kind of awful. These are five times where the hero you played was actually a terrible person.

5. Hawke- Dragon Age 2


Image Credit: Dragon Age 2 Wiki, Bioware/EA.

Hawke seems like a great person, they are the Champion of Kirkwall after all, right? I mean, they defeated the Arishok single-handedly after the murder of the Viscount. If it weren’t for Hawke and their associates, however, the Arishok would never have stayed in Kirkwall as long as he did and never would have attacked had they just returned the dang religious text (Qun) to the Qunari. Not to mention if Hawke chooses to side with the Templars or the Mages, the town still completely falls apart and chances are that Hawke had a hand in it. Hawke uncovered the red lyrium; Hawke allowed Anders to gather the components to blow up the Chantry; Hawke either murdered apostates or lied about them only for them to become abominations, etc.

There is no winning in Dragon Age 2 (take it from someone who has played it every possible way). And if it weren’t for Hawke and their friends, the Inquisition may not have happened because no Chantries would have been blown up and there may have been more peaceful negotiations. Oh, and Corypheus would never have been freed from his cage. You really have Hawke to blame for the fabric of the universe falling apart.

4. Darth Revan- Knights of the Old Republic


Image Credit: Wikipedia, Lucasarts/Bioware.

If it takes amnesia for you to turn over a new leaf and not start galactic wars then how good of a person are you really? Number 4 on this list is none other than Bioware’s (once canonical) Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic. Now, I know this is a player’s choice game where you can go light side or dark side, but let’s think about this. The whole twist is that you were really the bad guy all along and your teammates are shocked and heartbroken over it. That means that before the events of the game, your character was the Darth Sidious of this timeline. You were conquering one planet at a time and nothing was sating your endless need for power. That doesn’t exactly make a good case for Revan to be a “good guy” even if you ultimately choose to redeem the Sith Lord.

3. Booker DeWitt- Bioshock: Infinite


Image Credit: Facebook, Irrational Games/2k.

Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.” Coming in at Number 3 on this list is the ever-so rugged (and handsome) Booker DeWitt. I, personally, have marked him as one of my favorite video game characters of all time and future husband, but he’s also the worst. Let’s start with the fact that he was at Wounded Knee and scalped a bunch of Native Americans because, due to good-ole 19th century racism, he was made fun of for appearing Native American (he is of partial descent). Then we can move onto the fact that he sold his infant daughter to a stranger for money so that he could get rid of his gambling debt and then we get to the start of the game where his sole mission is to kidnap a young girl and bring her to New York for the purpose of wiping away his debt. Throughout the game, he is okay with lying to said girl and tricks her into thinking they are going to Paris. Eventually, he starts to come around and be a better person only to realize he was the villain all along and his own daughter has to murder him. Bioshock: Infinite is all just sunshine and daisies, can’t you tell?

2. Joel- The Last of Us


Image Credit: Naughty Dog.

If you’ve been living in an apocalyptic military state of a wasteland, your morals are bound to grow a bit fuzzy, but does that justify destroying the only symbol of hope that the world could go back to “normal?” Number 2 on this list is my favorite video game character of all time (and another voiced by Troy Baker) and his name is Joel from The Last of Us. Joel is a gruff and exhausted 50 year-old man just trying to survive in the apocalypse. He has very few who are close to him and he keeps it that way for survival purposes until he meets a 14 year-old girl, Ellie. Throughout the events of the game, she becomes his pseudo-daughter and he is willing to do anything for her to avoid getting hurt again (spoiler alert, his daughter dies in the first twenty or so minutes).

After the release of the game in 2013, people have been trying to justify Joel’s actions out the wazoo and you just can’t. The man tortures people, has made his own brother never want to speak to him again because of the life they led in the early days, and he murders an entire base of people to stop Ellie’s death even though a potential cure could come from it. He acts purely on selfish motives and only does what he thinks is right for those close to him and for himself. Joel is the protagonist and his incredibly human but you can’t deem him a hero for robbing someone of her choice to potentially help save the world.

1. James Sunderland- Silent Hill 2


Image Credit: Silent Hill Wiki, Konami.

“He who is not bold enough to be stared at from across the abyss is not bold enough to stare into it himself.” This should be no surprise to anyone who’s been in the gaming scene for the past twenty or so years. Even if you haven’t played the Silent Hill franchise, it’s relatively common knowledge that Silent Hill 2 is often a fan favorite for diehard fans and part of that is because of the gruesome twist at the end of the game. James Sunderland takes the cake for video game “heroes” who really aren’t a hero at all. There’s a reason that Pyramid Head is indicative of himself and his own deteriorated psyche. This geometric monster is often shown sexually assaulting and killing the other monsters around him.

In the end of the game, it is revealed that he murdered his already dying wife out of resentment because of the pain and depression she caused him and then he managed to make himself believe that her disease killed her. He is definitely the original inspiration for Booker DeWitt and Joel and that is why he is Number 1 on this list.   

Who do you think should be on the list or do you find a path of redemption for one of our picks? Let us know in the comment section below and maybe we’ll put together another list of Heroes on the wrong side of morality.

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